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15 Sep 04

the remains of brian borcherdt’s fans

i think brian borcherdt may be the nicest man in rock and roll. i’ve talked to him a couple times at by divine right shows (asking him silly things like “what is that instrument you’re playing?” – answer: synchronizer; or having him discuss with me the perks of playing at the scherzo, including being able to piss in the sink after shows), so i wanted to catch one of his solo sets at the elixir’s “indie nights”.

his set was scheduled to start at 10, and i arrived at about 10:10 post-hockey game…and discovered i was the first one there. not a good sign. well, let me clarify: there were 2 bouncers, 1 ticket taker, 2 servers, 2 sound guys, 4 visible members of other bands, and me. i chatted with brian for a bit and learned that he’ll be playing all month, and the final show will be with a full band. a few more people trickled in gradually (including his “groupies” – 3 guys that know him) and he played a short but good set starting around 10:30. the set was pretty stripped down (obviously) and laid back – him and a guitar and his somewhat hypnotic, reverbed voice. highlights included his medley of backstreet’s back/baby one more time/genie in a bottle/etc., followed directly by billy jean. his own songs weren’t bad either. i picked up a cd afterwards (hopefully he was able to afford the gas back to toronto) and have been enjoying it a lot.

after his set, i overheard the statues’ singer describe their sound as being influenced by the clash. i’m not sure if he’s ever heard the clash, because they were 3 guys playing generic punkpop that didn’t hold my attention for more than a song or two. i left soon thereafter.

the sad thing about the whole evening was that, because i was one of the few people there, i got to hear the bands discussing their plight. the final band, blues underdog, was keen on waiving the cover and just inviting people in off the street (and there were dozens out there, celebrating canada’s victory) to play for ANYONE. the statues, however, came from sudbury and, as i overheard them say, “needed the money”. as i was leaving, i was intercepted by the blues underdog singer who was sad to see me leave (guiltguiltguilt). he shook my hand though and gave me a burnt copy of their cd when i explained i had to work in the morning. i refrained from telling him to change his band’s name before it was too late. it’s definitely no blueshammer.

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