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02 Sep 04

is my entire highschool gradually moving to kingston?

as i left stauffer yesterday afternoon, i ran into a girl i went to highschool with who i hadn’t seen in about 9 years. apparently she works at KGH, but this is the first time we’d seen each other. add to this the girl i ran into a couple weeks ago at tim horton’s (who’s married and pregnant with her second kid – although i’ve actually run into her a few times over the last couple years) and it’s been one big flashback. it’s strange to think that it’s been 9 years since i last saw someone that i used to see and hang out with on a daily basis.

and that’s enough self-reflection.

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    pager Says:

    apparently she’s lived in kingston for _5 years_. and this is the first time i’ve run into her? she lives a block or two from robin’s old place!

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