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29 Aug 04

at john orr, our drains are wide enough to dispose of spoons

ok, as i hinted at a couple days ago, we get a newsletter at fabulous bobby orr tower every few months. i’ve shared one of these before, and i’ve found they have a certain target audience to them.

anyway, here’s a chunk of the latest newsletter – they printed this month’s on legal sized paper, so it wouldn’t all fit in my scanner…but i think you get the gist:

i’d like to highlight a few passages for their amusement value:

note the reference to rice. for those of you who aren’t aware, my building is 90% asian.

again, a mention of rice. this section makes me wonder though – who disposes of hair down the sink? not to mention toothbrushes or spoons… the fact that they had to explicitly say this suggests that there has been at least one person in my building who made this mistake. and the disposal of diapers down the toilet? yikes. that may explain the massive flood we had a few weeks ago in which water was flowing into the lobby from above. i asked what was going on and was told that a toilet had backed up – on the 6th floor! that’s a lot of water. i took pictures but my camera is too far gone.

this line refers to what has become a minor obsession of mine over the last couple months. for some reason, throughout the last year, there has been an old asian man living in my building who likes to do tai chi on the front steps in the morning. this is unusual because it’s a student-only building (yeahyeah, ok, so i’m not TECHNICALLY a student…), which suggests that he’s been living in a tiny john orr apartment with his kid(s). but, over the summer, this has become a trend – i’ve accounted for at least four families doing the same. i see them wandering around outside the building constantly (as i would likely do as well if i were trapped living in such a tiny apartment with my family). one of the old men’s children asked me for my help tonight with moving a table while he watched and smoked. awesome.

ah, what a cultural mosaic john orr tower is.

one final note, unrelated to the newsletter: i was waiting for the elevator today and i overheard someone’s conversation with the superintendant while they were asking to borrow “the vacuum”. first of all, i’ve lived here forever and i had no idea that there was a communal vacuum to be borrowed. second of all, i would never consider moving into an apartment of my own without providing my own! this isn’t residence… i don’t think. well, then again, given the content of the newsletter (e.g. “don’t let people into your apartment without looking through the peep hole first”), maybe it is?

2 Responses to “at john orr, our drains are wide enough to dispose of spoons”

  1. 1
    anne Says:

    i appreciate that “peep hole” is alternatively identified as a “door viewer”… ’cause that’s what i call it. i thought i was the only one!!

  2. 2
    robin Says:

    I have a door viewer on the front of my car hole.

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