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22 Aug 04

ringing ears = good show

my exposure to death from above 1979 at the olympic island music festival a couple weekends ago was just enough to pique my interest. we only saw a few songs thanks to the ferry’s arrival time, but i liked what i heard – two guys on stage making a whole lot of noise. thankfully, the rock crew (sigh) booked them for a show with raising the fawn at the grad club last night. i’d missed raising the fawn’s opening slot with the weakerthans while i was in london, but mitch approved so i was looking forward to hearing them as well.

we arrived just as the first band, from fiction, ended, so i have nothing to say about them. i quite enjoyed raising the fawn’s set, for the most part. they played an interesting mix of loudish rock, bounciness and somewhat self-indulgent drone-rock, and are apparently led by a member of broken social scene (but what band isn’t?) some of their songs were laid back enough to make anne and jeremy retreat to the next room, but i enjoyed most of their set, with the exception of the amelodic and feedback-filled finale.

death from above 1979 were loud. i couldn’t make out many of their lyrics, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying their set. like the inbreds and duotang before them, they’re made up of just a bass+drums (with the occasional song featuring keys) – but that’s where the similarities with those bands end. there’s a lot more emphasis on volume and noise than on the inbreds’ poppiness. in spite of the poor sound quality (i’m not even sure why they bothered with vocals), i liked them a lot – they sure can squeeze interesting music out of their few instruments. their stage banter could use some work though: “my pants really smell” and “this song is about ejaculation” are two examples.

anyway, the night was fun enough that i was able to get past the fact that i no doubt did further damage to my ears. i’m pretty sure that was the loudest show i’ve ever seen at the grad club.

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