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19 Aug 04

car-to-car etiquette

is this unusual to anyone else?

on my way into work this morning, i was sitting in my car at stoplight at the corner of johnson and sir john a, waiting patiently, when i heard a voice shouting. i turn around, and an old man in a chrysler straight out of 1984 was talking to me: “they say it’s going to rain!” he proclaimed, “that’s all i ever hear, forecasts of rain.” i wasn’t really sure what to say at this point, because a) it was spitting at that point and very very dark and b) i was IN MY CAR. i muttered my agreement and he continued, “i sure hope it doesn’t snow every day in the winter…” thank goodness the light changed at this point. i guess i’ve just never been properly trained on between-car conversation etiquette – except for how to whistle and shout at chicks, ’cause really, isn’t that why i got that blue light for under my car and that new stereo that adds bass to any song?

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    Sofi Says:

    Your sensuous leopard-skin interior is the REAL reason that bitches love your car so much.

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