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17 Aug 04

technology hates me, and i hate it right back

technology hates me again right now. some examples:

1. those problems i had with my laptop when i was in london (you know, the ones causing me great amounts of stress about possibly missing my plane) came back last night. i was working away on some php and poof, no video. rebooting would consistently get me into windows, only to have it reset again. eventually, i managed to get into safe mode with networking, so i was able to back up all my files (and i stayed up late doing so in case i wasn’t able to get into windows again) which turned out to be a good thing ’cause it’s completely toast this morning. apparently the eeprom on my system board is no longer good. excellent. the bright side: a brand new 3 ghz laptop with a screen as big as my desktop’s monitor, courtesy of work. i should’ve broken it a long time ago.

2. for the past week, hotmail has started randomly filtering out sms messages from cell phones that are sent to me when i’m not available on msn messenger. i didn’t notice this for over a week, so i missed about 10 messages in total. you’d think that hotmail would know that msn messages weren’t junk… to make things even better, mozilla thunderbird started doing the same to me yesterday, and i nearly missed 3 messages yesterday. that’s a lot of false positives all of a sudden.

3. when i got home from work last friday, i noticed that my fridge was ajar slightly. i was annoyed at myself, but i figured that things were probably kept cool enough that i wouldn’t have lost too much. then i looked at my hamburger (bought the previous night) that was grey. this made me recall that maintenance was done on my building that day which resulted in the power being turned off for most of the day. not a lot in my fridge survived the day.

i think that’s enough proof.

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