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07 Aug 04

bring back the rock

as you may or (more than likely) may not have noticed, chumptastic hasn’t exactly been the live music review hub that it used to be. as i’ve pointed out before, i saw 36 shows in 2003 (i.e. one every 10 days or so, which is staggering when you think of it that way), and to this point, 7 months into 2004, i’ve seen 14 – and none at all since may 28th (and even that one was just a bar band that i didn’t intend to go to see). never fear though, this is all about to change…this weekend gives me an opportunity to do some serious catching up.

it all started with tonight’s buck 65/jason collett show at the elixir. i was quite excited to note that all the ads only had 2 bands listed in spite of the fact that it’s a stupid rock crew show, but alas, when we arrived at the venue there was a sign saying that someone called the move was also scheduled to play. when we arrived, jason collett had just begun his solo set. i enjoyed it, but his songs sound almost unrecognizable without his band…i didn’t recognize a whole lot, and even though i saw him back in january, i didn’t even recognize him.

anyway, his set ended at around 10:45 or so, and i was expecting another band to start setting up…but no! buck 65 came out around 11:15 or so, so either there was no mysterious third band, or they went on early. does this mean the rock crew is finally getting it? of all the nights for an early show, friday probably wouldn’t be my first pick (although i DO have to wake up early tomorrow, so it was nice).

buck 65’s set wasn’t what i had expected. he opened with 3 of my favourite buck 65 songs – wicked and weird, the centaur, and pants on fire. the catch was that 2 of them had completely different music than their recorded versions, and they weren’t nearly as good. that ended up being a trend throughout his set – the songs i knew often sounded quite different than i was expecting, and frankly i don’t like change. i didn’t dislike his set (although his between song stories were a bit odd – i really didn’t need to hear the story of his doctor popping his inflamed ear cyst, and i could’ve done without his screwing with his equipment between every single song), but it wasnt as good as i’d hoped. he did mention that his last show in kingston was 3 days after sept 11/01, and that only one guy came. he asked if that guy was in the crowd, and he wasn’t. that didn’t make buck very happy.

oh, and i can’t go a show without talking about the crowd. perhaps it was a summer crowd, or perhaps it was more of a hiphop crowd than i’m used to, but it was a lot different than normal. there were an inordinate number of ultra dressed up girls at the show, as well as a whole lot of really really short people. the crazy quotient was also a lot lower than normal, with the exception of one guy in a really unfortunate hat who kept walking by us and staring intently at us. words can’t really do him justice, but he was definitely creepy.

ok, time to wrap this up – i need to sleep. saturday is the olympic island festival (featuring sloan, sam roberts, the stills, the constantines, broken social scene, buck 65 again, arcade fire, pilate and death from above) so i gotta get outta here bright and early, and pick up scotto on the way. sunday night is ac newman at lee’s, and i’m quite looking forward to that one too…in spite of the fact that i have to work on monday. and now, to bed.

5 Responses to “bring back the rock”

  1. 1
    Alan Says:

    Any chance you want to join the fine authors of Switching to Glide, Canada’s struggling music blog?

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    possibly, so long as you don’t mind rambly, sporadic writing…

  3. 3
    Alan Says:

    Hey – most of it is cross posting! We just want it all in one place and to spark some discussion.

  4. 4
    pager Says:

    sure then, sign me up.

  5. 5
    Alan Says:

    Send me your email so we can set you up. I am at Then we can discuss whether you are also covering the Harmer/Luther boat cruise on the 31st. She like you more than me.

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