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03 Aug 04

yet another pseudo celeb

oh yeah, there was a long weekend wasn’t there? i spent part of it (i.e. the part during which i wasn’t at work) in toronto, wandering down queen, watching the village (good movie, great suspense, shitty ending), and generally being inexplicably tired. a pretty good way to spend my long weekend, i figure. on saturday night, when robin and anne and i were having dinner, chas lawther walked by. now, i may be scraping the bottom of the celebrity sighting barrel with this one, but i know chas as the guy who played brian from the network on made in canada (one of my all-time favourite shows). what’s (moderately) interesting about this is that robin, anne and jo saw rick mercer on the danforth during the post-euro greek celebration, and jo saw leah pinsent at one of her old girls gatherings – we’re gradually working our way through the made in canada checklist, cumulatively. anyway, i think i’ve met my imdb link quota for the month with this post.

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