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19 Jul 04

i’ve returned

and i’m back in canada.

my flight home ended up being pretty uneventful. my automatic wake up call actually did work, as did my laptop’s alarm clock (weird). oddly, my front desk clerk wouldn’t answer the phone when kristi called, so she called for a half hour without any luck…i’m glad i had other options. on the flight itself, i was sitting in the middle aisle with 4 seats across, and i was positioned beside two brothers (aged about 12 and 14) who were intent on beating the shit out of each other for much of the flight. their mom eventually sat in between them, but she too got tired of them so she stuck ANOTHER brother in my bank of seats. needless to say, i got very little sleep on that flight. thankfully, starsky and hutch was one of the movies (which i hadn’t yet seen) so i was able to focus on something else anyway.

i arrived in toronto at around 11:30 am eastern time, and finally negotiated my way to where my dad was waiting for me by around 12:15 or so. we then headed back to millbrook to celebrate tim’s 16th birthday a few days early. i have a couple of pictures of his fun presents that i’ll post later.

anyway, jo and i have discussed how travelling eastward tends to make you manic, while westward makes you depressive; this, however, wasn’t the case for me. i felt quite hyper for most of yesterday, and ended up driving back to kingston at around 7 pm (or midnight london time) without any issue. i stayed up until about 11:30 or so (24 hours after i’d woken up) and am hoping i won’t feel any jet laggy effects today (although waking up at 6:30, and then 8:30 indicate that i may have a little bit more adjusting to do).

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