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17 Jul 04

day 13: london museum, greenwich observatory and a water taxi ride

ok i gotta rush through this – i have to be awake in about 5.5 hours and i haven’t yet packed. priorities!

so this morning got off to a bad start when i woke up and discovered that my laptop (which i’ve been using as an alarm clock) was no longer responsive. i’m glad i woke up early thinking i’d over slept or i would’ve left jo wondered what happened to me, but getting up at 6:30 instead of 8:30 made my day really rough. that also added stress to my life in that i wasn’t sure how i would wake up in time for my shuttle to the airport at 5 am tomorrow – but i think i’ve worked that out with the hotel lord jim’s impeccable wake up service (or so they claim), and kristi’s generous offer to call me as a backup.

anyway, i met jo at the london museum this morning at 10, which claims to be a museum covering the history of london as a city and its evolution. i didn’t find it as enjoyable as i hoped i would – the roman and other old exhibits were pretty light on artifacts, so they made up for it with a LOT of writing and description, as well as really cheesy “reenactments”. the later exhibits were better, but we didn’t have enough time to really explore them fully.

we then met up with andrea and wandered over to the borough market where we picked up some food for lunch. our next stop: greenwich, via the dlr train. we ate lunch on a bench overlooking the thames, and then walked up the really really steep hill to the observatory itself. we got some obligatory cheesy pictures of us on either side of the prime meridian and the like – along with a million other tourists. we then took a water taxi home (with a cheesy but somewhat interesting tour guide) and had dinner at a pub near jo’s.

anyway, i’ve booked a taxi for 5 am and looked after all of the stressy wake up call stuff, so i’m gonna go hurriedly pack. next stop: the flood-ridden outskirts of peterborough. woo.

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