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16 Jul 04

day 12: and on the twelfth day, he rested

yeah, i’m worn out. i spent the bulk of my day sleeping and reading, which is kind of a shame ’cause it was probably the nicest day weather-wise since i got here (which means that it was mostly cloudy but at least it was warm and didn’t rain much).

tonight was fun though. jo and i met up with andrea at a restaurant where her friend lucy works. there was lots of good food to be had over the course of a couple hours. we then headed to an annoying little bar called the gallery – a place to “be seen” i think, which seems to specialize in elbows to the back.

anyway, i have no photos of today (which is probably a good thing since i literally filled up one of chumptastic’s hard drives earlier today by updating my gallery) but i’m sure i’ll have a few from tomorrow when we venture off to the london museum, a market and possibly the greenwich meridian…oooh.

oh, and on a completely unrelated note, my former history of life prof apparently has made the news again. he’s always discovering something.

and now, to bed. i’m on a schedule again tomorrow, gasp!

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