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13 Jul 04

day 9: the british museum

i can summarize today pretty quickly:
i went to the british museum.
that’s it.

i got there at about 11 and left at 4. it’s enormous and cool…and it let me take photos for personal use, which was completely unexpected. i arrived through the back door (as our guide book suggested to avoid the throngs) and that worked out great – except that there were no maps anywhere, so i had no idea where to begin. i ended up coughing up 2 pounds for a glossy map and i was away.

highlights included the rosetta stone, some really cool ancient egyptian sculptures of ramesses II and the like, an enormous collection of clocks (i’m a geek and find historical clocks quite cool, especially before the pendulum was mastered), lindow man (a first century victim of druid ritual sacrifice), and the mosaic mask of tezcatlipola. aside from the crazy crowds that drove me to the less popular exhibits a number of times, it was a pretty fun day. i also lunched in russell square (a couple blocks from where jo is staying). it’s quite picturesque, even though it was full of a few groups of school children.

and that’s pretty much all i have to say about today. i’ll do my best to mix things up a bit more tomorrow. i’m currently at jo’s using her free internet, and although she’s tired, maybe we’ll do something zany that’s worth reporting tonight. only time will tell…

3 Responses to “day 9: the british museum”

  1. 1
    mitch Says:

    Geoff Leboldus mentioned you and your travels twice so far to me today… apparently you’re all the gossip around here while you’re away. I should start some rumours about you and what you’re *really* doing…. An “All About Rob’s vacation according to Mitch” type of expose!

  2. 2
    Sofi Says:

    Yeah! Stuff like, “I hear Rob likes coming through the back door…”

  3. 3
    Marco Pantani Says:

    Your starting to sound like the guy in Eurotrip who is always quoting his guide book.

    I’m staying away from the backdoor comments…

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