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12 Jul 04

day 8: earl’s court + parliament + cabinet war room + westminster abby

today was my first jo-less day of touristing. i took the opportunity to attempt to sleep in a little (after what was probably my least satisfying night of sleep since i arrived here), and i left my hotel at around 10:30 to explore my hotel’s neighbourhood of earl’s court for the first time. as my guide book suggests, there isn’t exactly a whole lot to see in earl’s court, aside from numerous hostels and, most notably, the troubadour cafe where bob dylan and john lennon used to play. i of course took a photo.

i then took the tube down to westminster station and wandered around parliament in among the throngs of tourists. i took a couple photos, and escaped to the cabinet war room museum, essentially the old bunker where churchill and his staff spent much of world war 2. the complimentary audio tour was pretty fascinating, and i took a bunch of photos – i haven’t checked to see how they turned out yet though, and it may be a bit iffy due to low light conditions and glass enclosed displays.

afterwards i headed back towards parliament and attempted to get a bit closer (opting for the obvious photo ops of big ben and the other parliament buildings), and, while attempting to cross the crazy busy street, remembered that moment in european vacation where the grizwalds got stuck driving around and around parliament (“there’s big ben kids!”). i’d originally thought it might be kinda cool to pay a visit to the house of parliament today ’cause it’s budget day, but the lineup stretched much of the way around the block.

instead of that, i elected to join the smaller (and moving) line to westminster abby. i’d misread my guidebook and thought that admission was free, and only discovered otherwise when i’d already invested some time waiting in line. i did meet a girl from queen’s while waiting, which was kind of cool, and we bonded over the relative crappiness of this year’s first year geography course. the abby itself was worth the admission – it’s pretty awe inspiring. i had no idea how many people were buried there, and found poet’s corner especially cool.

anyway, jo’s waiting patiently while reading a magazine so i think we’re going to head out to a birthday get together for a friend of andrea’s. woo.

UPDATE: and i’m now back from the birthday party. i met some fun people from all over (england, scotland and the US) and had interesting conversations about gambling, bubble sorts and patrick swayze. can’t really go wrong with that. i still have no idea what tomorrow will hold, but i think i’ve established that i will get up for breakfast, unlike today. plans have to start somewhere.

2 Responses to “day 8: earl’s court + parliament + cabinet war room + westminster abby”

  1. 1
    Marco Pantani Says:

    Blah,Blah,Blah,Blah,Bluh…When are you going to tell us the part that has us all hanging by the edge of our seats for the past week?

    Did you fix the driver problem or not tech boy??

    I am thinking you might be able to make the entire trip a tax write-off seeing as you had to work, but you will probably of had to atleast have gotten the machine working.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    nah, the video card is an isa card from 1993. it broke, shockingly. he’s replacing it.

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