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05 Jul 04

hey, i’m here

ok, so i made it to england just in time for everything in the vicinity of my hotel to shut down.

highlights of my trip thus far:

  • getting to the airport in crazy good time with kristi this morning
  • watching part of the station agent as the on-flight movie (which anne and i attempted to rent last week). i learned that watching an in-flight movie while sitting on the side is nearly impossible because of all of the stupid people constantly walking around.
  • twice waiting >10 minutes for a washroom. what were those people DOING?
  • watching this old frail woman do about 50 laps of the plane at the slowest speed imaginable
  • watching her husband do a few laps as well, the entire time covering his genitals for some reason
  • seeing buck 65 about 15 people ahead of me at customs. that’s right. how cool is that? i wanted to talk to him but i was never close enough. i saw his bandmate in toronto, and i knew he was in a band just from his clothes, but i didnt know which. i’m planning to go see him tomorrow night.
  • being intercepted while heading to the taxi stand by some random guy in a suit. i asked why i should follow him instead of going to the taxi area, and he explained that he worked for a different taxi company that didn’t use a meter. i thought it was fishy but went along for the hell of it. he put my bags in the trunk and i asked how much it would cost. he said he’d look it up and disappeared for a while. when he came back he told me it would cost me 80 pounds. now, my hotel’s website claimed to be 10 km from heathrow, so i laughed at him and asked for my bags back. he then magically reduced the price (with the help of a calculator) to 45 pounds. magic. anyway, the website lied and the trip took 45 minutes…the guy claimed that metered cabs would cost at least 60 pounds, and i believe him. but, he did pull the old “i have no change” scam, so he got away with a £10 tip. awesome. (and yes, i just found the £ key).

and now i’m being kicked out of the internet cafe. it’s great that it’s midnight and i am the opposite of tired. i found a different internet cafe as well, a couple blocks away that will let me use my laptop, so i should be able to post lotsa pictures if i ever get around to taking any.

and now i depart.

2 Responses to “hey, i’m here”

  1. 1
    sofi Says:

    >twice waiting >10 minutes for a washroom. what were those people DOING?

    Well, Robert. When a jet-set boy yuppie and a jet-set girl yuppie REALLY love each other…

  2. 2
    mitch Says:

    Then again, if it was a jet-set boy yuppie alone in the bathroom and he REALLY loved himself…

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