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15 Jun 04

hey, jealousy

yes, it’s true. i’m officially jealous that robin is currently enjoying franz ferdinand in toronto while i am in kingston.

oh, and congratulations to scotto for not getting suspended, like most of the rest of his graduating class. woo!

14 Jun 04

worst blogger ever

yes. i know. my posting level may be at an all time low right now. but really, are you interested in hearing about how i set up another computer lab, or how i was annoyed by someone or other at work? yeah, i didn’t think so.

this weekend was pretty ok though, albeit low key. i had my first drive-in experience since about 1996 on friday night, and saw shrek 2 and mean girls. i had been avoiding shrek 2 ’cause i was disappointed that they made a sequel, and, although i heard some people say it was better than the original, it really wasn’t. it definitely had some funny moments and it was pretty clever, but it wasn’t sensational. and mean girls could’ve been so much more – the only review of it i read essentially said that they wish they’d read the first draft before the studio watered it down, and i’m inclined to agree.

saturday included a roadtrip to trenton in an attempt to find the world’s greatest pizza. what we found was good pizza – although i’m not quite convinced it’s the world’s best – that was worth the drive.

highlights of the coming week include work and…um…maybe a bit more work. woo. on the bright side, i have booked my flight to england for july 5, and am currently in the process of finding a hotel that won’t bankrupt me. look at me plan ahead though!

06 Jun 04

overdue update

this weekend’s news:

  • i went to ottawa on friday to order my passport. i’d heard stories of 3 hour wait times in toronto, so i went prepared for the worst. i was in and out in 20 minutes and home by 1:30.
  • robin moved to toronto yesterday. fantastic. his going away party on friday night was quite fun though, and i’m sure his new job will be cool.
  • i saw super size me tonight. it’s a must see. i felt somewhat ill after watching it.
  • i spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out this logic puzzle. i have no idea why it took me so long.
  • i just saw an ad for this game. i think i need it.

that is all.

01 Jun 04

honest – i really DON’T circumcize teenagers

please don’t miss leo’s addition to the ongoing discussion about circumcision that somehow found its way onto my page. whenever a random stranger adds their two cents to this topic, i feel i must reiterate why circumcision was mentioned in the first place: the big book of sign language‘s entry entitled i circumcize teenagers.

it might also be interesting to note that, in may 2004, the #1 search term leading to chumptastic was, in fact, circumcize – 17 poor souls ended up here. and that’s not even including:

  • the 5 who searched for cercumsized
  • the 2 who searched for circumcized penis
  • the 1 who searched for penis circumsizion
  • the 1 who searched for pictures circumsizion
  • the 1 who searched for uncut circumsized
  • the 1 who searched for cercumsized penis
  • the 1 who searched for what are cercumsized penises?
  • and, my favourite, the 1 who searched for how to cercumsized

what have i started? oh, and i feel compelled to note that, once again, the #2 search term with a bullet was john stamos shirtless. think there’s a connection?

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