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24 Jun 04

the second saddest story ever told?

in sharp contrast to the saddest story ever told, i was surprisingly successful today at avoiding the score of the england/portugal soccer match, despite the fact they were watching it just outside my office. i taped the game so jo and i could watch it after she got off work, and i was convinced i’d somehow learn the results before then.

anyway, the match itself was pretty thrilling, and it finished tied even after 30 minutes of extra time. i hadn’t taken extra time into account, however, when setting my vcr to tape last night…so as timed ticked on jo and i were getting more and more concerned about whether the tape would run out before the game ended. penalty kicks began with about 5 minutes remaining on the tape… and sure enough, the tape ended as owen hargreaves was set to kick. turns out the game lasted about 3 hours and 5 minutes, while my tape lasted 3 hours. crap. it was pretty anti-climactic to have to look up the results online after investing 3 hours into an exciting and stressful game. perhaps this is the second saddest story ever told.

2 Responses to “the second saddest story ever told?”

  1. 1
    Jo Says:

    having experienced both saddest stories ever i think in fact that THIS was the saddest story ever told. exciting and sad.

  2. 2
    andrea Says:

    well that’s a relief. i’ve even been having difficuties sleeping since the first story was told. and also difficulties.

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