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17 Jun 04

the saddest story ever told

for some reason, tsn elected to tape delay the england/switzerland soccer game today 3 hours, and chose instead to show some of round 1 of the us open. the plan was to ditch work and head to the grad club to watch the game at 3. unfortunately, andrea’s msn name was, at one point, “england 1-0 at halftime” or something like that – which is unfortunate but acceptable. and as i was on my way out the door, a co-worker (who i’d mentioned this to previously) said “hey rob, england won 3-0!” i asked him why he told me that when he knew i was gonna watch it. he didn’t have a good answer. clearly, this is the saddest story ever told.

8 Responses to “the saddest story ever told”

  1. 1
    andrea Says:

    i know. i suck. but i blame tsn. who the hell puts golf before football?!

  2. 2
    Cindy Says:

    reminds me of a certain first season of Survivor and being stuck in Toronto waiting for a bus …

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    and who puts football before soccer?

    richard hatch’s victory was pretty much impossible to avoid, no matter how hard you tried.

  4. 4
    Alan Says:

    Sadder than Jesus on the cross.

  5. 5
    anne Says:

    sadder than child soldiers or people living in boxes. really and truly the saddest story ever told. sniff.

  6. 6
    pager Says:

    i’m glad you all agree. i put up with a lot in my tragic life.

  7. 7
    Jo Says:

    you forgot the part where i said, “don’t tell me ’cause i didn’t hear you.” and then he said as we were leaving, “but i thought it was good news.” ruiners be damned!

  8. 8
    pager Says:

    maybe he assumed you were cheering for the swiss? or do swiss fans cheer at all? perhaps they prefer to remain neutral.

    in summary, ruiners suck.

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