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15 Jun 04

stuff i’ve learned in the last 24 hours

things i’ve learned today:

1. apparently my superintendent feels as though the secret to communicating with asian people who aren’t so strong in english is to simply speak loudly. i discovered this while i was attempting to have a nap after work and her yelling outside my door awoke me with a start.

2. apparently the emergency phone button in my elevator works, as i discovered when i hit said button with a bag of groceries. here’s the conversation:

disembodied voice: hello, emergency response centre.
me: uh, oops, sorry, i, uh, hit the button by mistake.
disembodied voice: (sounded surprised) oh? uh, ok.
me: yeah.
disembodied voice: (now sounding annoyed) so everything’s ok then?
me: yeah.
disembodied voice: (click)

and then a busy signal echoed through my elevator…and my hallway. i hurriedly closed my apartment door so as to disavow any knowledge of its cause.

3. i should really wear shorts to work when it’s this fucking humid and i’ll be lugging computers around.

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