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01 Jun 04

honest – i really DON’T circumcize teenagers

please don’t miss leo’s addition to the ongoing discussion about circumcision that somehow found its way onto my page. whenever a random stranger adds their two cents to this topic, i feel i must reiterate why circumcision was mentioned in the first place: the big book of sign language‘s entry entitled i circumcize teenagers.

it might also be interesting to note that, in may 2004, the #1 search term leading to chumptastic was, in fact, circumcize – 17 poor souls ended up here. and that’s not even including:

  • the 5 who searched for cercumsized
  • the 2 who searched for circumcized penis
  • the 1 who searched for penis circumsizion
  • the 1 who searched for pictures circumsizion
  • the 1 who searched for uncut circumsized
  • the 1 who searched for cercumsized penis
  • the 1 who searched for what are cercumsized penises?
  • and, my favourite, the 1 who searched for how to cercumsized

what have i started? oh, and i feel compelled to note that, once again, the #2 search term with a bullet was john stamos shirtless. think there’s a connection?

One Response to “honest – i really DON’T circumcize teenagers”

  1. 1
    Leo Says:

    Blame it on the MSN search engine, Which is by the way a very good internet tool.
    This site came up 138th out of over 60,000.
    Keep up the good work. 🙂


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