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05 May 04


is it just me, or is this one of the funniest things ever?

i was driving down the 401 through napanee on my way to toronto on monday night and noticed it, and vowed to come back and take a picture of it. it’s so bizarre – it reminds me of one of those little shacks people in the country build to keep their kids warm while waiting for the school bus – but in this case, they have instead used it to sell pies. note that it’s located on a tiny road with about 4 houses on it, so i guess they’re reliant on people driving on the highway who want to buy pies from a shack on someone’s front lawn.

04 May 04

the discovery of a world inside the horseshoe

i see a lot of live bands (yes, this may come as a surprise…) but 95+% of them are canadian. now, there’s nothing wrong with canadian bands (i’m probably one of the world’s biggest canrock fans), but last night i got to see the apples in stereo at a small venue in toronto, and that was pretty special. when i heard the apples were playing at the horseshoe for $10, i thought there might be a mistake…seriously, aren’t they the kings (and queen) of indie rock?

the opening band, the high water marks, were pretty good…indie rock, pretty poppy, and they featured hilarie (the apples’ drummer) on guitar and sometimes vocals. what was most notable about them, however, was their incredibly good drummer…we were all in awe of his flailing arms and his ability to kick the cymbals while playing. according to their website, he’s also in oranger and the preston school of industry, which may explain the good. the only drummer i’ve ever seen close to his style was lonnie james, ex of the super friendz, although he did less kicking and more stick tossing. i talked to the drummer a bit after their set and he was very appreciative of my praise.

the apples played a pretty fun 90 minute set including a lot of my favourites (strawberryfire, please, rainfall, love you alice d (how on earth did i not realize this was about lsd til last night?), motorcar, tin pan alley, i can’t believe, ruby, heroes and villains and a bunch of others that i forget at the moment). they also played 4 new songs that were all pretty applesy (robert: which one should we play? the REM one or the heavy one? bassist: uh, they both sound like us.) the only downside to their set was a complete lack of flow, mostly attributable to robert schneider’s hammeredness from “chugging 3 beers in like 30 seconds”. they had a set list, but each song was played separately with robert telling us at length how great we were…and each song was prefaced by him repeatedly asking his band if they were ready. oh, and a note to the apples: it’s a bad idea to bring two guys who are high on shrooms up onto the stage for a rock/paper/scissors tournament.

anyway, i’m happy i got to see a legendary band (at least in indie rock circles) for practically nothing, with a crowd of a few hundred people. now i’ll just have to work on getting them to play the grad club next…

01 May 04

$2 can buy me happiness

scotto and tim came for a visit last weekend after scott went to an open house at loyalist. so, what did we do while they were here? we hit up the dollar store, of course.

the first thing that caught my eye was a fabulous product called noise putty. it’s pretty brilliant…a little film-sized container filled with goo that apparently makes a noise when you poke your finger into it. of course, i bought some, but note that i haven’t yet tried it because, frankly, i don’t wanna touch it. anyway, he’s what the container sorta looks like:

it’s awful hard to scan a cylinder, i’ve found, but i hope you can make out the funness of the label. any product containing the word “poo” on its label is a must-buy in my books. and no, i will not take it out of its container for a picture, but i will say that it’s purple.

the second item i had to buy was called dinosaur putty. it’s even more brilliant: it’s essentially noise putty with a little plastic dinosaur inside:

clearly some company had a lot of extra putty and toy dinosaurs lying around, and a genius decided that they HAD to go together. again, i haven’t taken it out of its container, but its “instructions” are pretty awesome: they spelled “and” wrong, and they point out that we shouldn’t swallow it. brilliant.

in summary: best $2 i’ve ever spent.

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