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24 May 04

excellent news

i took my car in on thursday for its first routine service appointment since my warranty expired. just the usual stuff – oil change, checking fluids, routine inspections – no big deal. when i went to pick up my car, i was handed a bill containing the line:
will require front brake pad and rotors to be machined within two weeks front pads 3mm
so i tracked down a service rep to enquire further. apparently GM has timed it so brakes will require servicing within 5000 km of one’s warranty expiring. nice.

on friday, i received a letter in the mail marked “important”. here’s the header:

right. so not only are my brakes in bad shape, apparently occasionally 2001 cavaliers also run the risk of catching on fire if you hold the key in the start position for too long and it doesn’t catch. again, nice.

so how did i celebrate all of this news? by driving robin and me to ottawa for the tulip festival, of course. i finally got to see the constantines live, and they did not disappoint. hawksley workman headlined in front of several thousand, including a lot of screaming girls. i am shocked at his popularity, quite frankly – i mean, i enjoyed his last album for the most part, but i can’t quite figure out what genre he belongs to, and where his mainstream-ish and international appeal comes from. i mean, i wouldn’t say that he’s exactly hit the “big time” yet, but he definitely has a larger following than i would’ve guessed. perhaps it’s attributable to jealous of your cigarette and striptease?

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