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10 May 04

new layout!

whoa, a new layout – and only two months late. yes, it’s pretty simple, but it’s (mostly) all css’ed now (rather than using tables for everything like i did previously). i’m sure there’s stuff that doesn’t work, and i know there are a couple pages i haven’t switched over to the new layout, but i’ll get to it. this new layout is way more maintainable…and isn’t bad for a day’s work.

ps. no more stupid double scroll bars!

12 Responses to “new layout!”

  1. 1
    pager Says:

    comment test

  2. 2
    Chuck LeChuck Says:

    knife new layout
    also: good call on the sondre lerche

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    merci. if you’d ever add any content to futuraheavy, i’d link to you.

    favourite song of the moment: two way monologue by sondre lerche.

  4. 4
    anne... Says:

    the new & improved chumptastic dot org is really gonna turn some heads! and thank you for getting rid of those double scroll bars. they definitely kept me from enjoying your blog to the fullest.

  5. 5
    sofi Says:

    I dunno. The layout is super but purple is kind of a fruity colour. Like, you wouldn’t ever wear a purple t-shirt, would you?

  6. 6
    anne... Says:

    i don’t see purple. i see baby blue. but i do agree purple is… unattractive.

  7. 7
    pager Says:

    a) i wear my purple “computers are fun and useful” t-shirt (courtesy of sofi) with pride.
    b) i think anne’s screen is a bit off.
    c) i am fruity.
    d) you can both criticize freely when you leave the nurturing confines of blogger. until then, hush.

  8. 8
    el scotto Says:

    i see purple too.

  9. 9
    anne Says:

    a) thank god my screen is off. this way i am not subjected to a PURPLE chumptastic!!
    b) screw you chumptastic. i can criticize anybody for anything at any time, regardless of my blog affiliations…

  10. 10
    pager Says:

    true, but your criticisms will fall on deaf ears. for a change of pace.

  11. 11
    Sofi Says:


  12. 12
    robin Says:

    mauve. definitely mauve.

    or lilac.

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