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25 Apr 04

it feels extraordinary

oh, joel plaskett. by my count, i’ve now seen him live 13 times since he was about 18, in his thrush hermit days. i loved all of those shows when he was young, but wow, now that i take a step back, he’s SO much better now. don’t get me wrong here…thrush hermit was my favourite live band of all time, with crazy energy and unpredictability mixed with their fun songs, but joel, over the last couple years, has become a true front man who can tell entertaining stories between the performance of well-crafted pop/rock songs.

joel played the grad club on thursday night, and he did not disappoint – which is a relief since kristi drove all the way from pickering for the show, to make up for missing the sold out lee’s palace show the previous week. he was reunited once again with ian mcgettigan on bass (as he was during the shot show a few summers ago), and i’m pretty sure ian’s wore the same cap that he did back then. his set, as usual, consisted of a bunch of newer songs (work out fine, extraordinary, come on teacher, radio fly, mystery and crime), some slightly older ones (down at the khyber, maybe we should just go home, true patriot love, this is a message), and some trips down memory lane (the news of your son, before you leave, from the back of the film, north dakota and a country-ized version of violent dreams, with accoustic guitar). he also joked that his now trademark medley that he’s played for the last year or so would, by the year 2006, take up the entire set (it included some waylon jennings [oops, i think it was charlie pride], steve miller (bringing back memories of thrush hermit’s edgefest set from years back), outkast, thrush hermit, and others i can’t remember right now). they played for about 2 hours, and although it wasn’t quite as awe-inspiring as his november show, i definitely got my $12 worth.

oh, one other note: the opener was jason plumb of waltons fame. i hadn’t even
heard of the waltons since about 1993, so i was pretty surprised to see he was
still making music. i’m sorry to report, however, that 1993 music doesn’t really
translate into 2004. robin aptly described him as an open-mike singer. he DID
play colder than you though, which made me happy. OH, and during his set, we were graced with the presence of world idol winner kurt nilson. awesome.

and now i must leave for toronto for something very similar to a joel plaskett show – that’s right, mamma mia.

4 Responses to “it feels extraordinary”

  1. 1
    anne... Says:

    are we now spelling acoustic “accoustic”? i just want to make sure i don’t embarrass myself by spelling it incorrectly. and just to give some more detail, joel’s medley also included r. kelly – step in the name of love, which i was apprehensive about.. but it obviously worked!!!

  2. 2
    robin Says:

    also by r. kelly: ignition.

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    he can’t leave the r. kelly alone.

    as for my spelling, i DID make that post early in the morning on a weekend.

  4. 4
    anne... Says:

    excuses, excuses… at least you left the misspelled word posted in defiance. that’ll show me…

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