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23 Apr 04

suggestions? i’ll give you suggestions

around campus, we have web terminals set up to allow students to quickly check email, etc. between classes. each of these kiosks also has a suggestion icon on the desktop to allow people to suggest improvements to the software environment, new locations for kiosks, etc. however, because there are a number of these kiosks about 20 feet from a campus pub, i often get bizarre submissions. case in point, last night at 1:45 am i received:

Useful?: No
Primary Use: emial
Suggestions: fuck queens, that is what i know in my heart

the words of someone who finished their final exam ever?

example #2:
Suggestions: Yea get some real computer you fucken cheap pussys.
Suggested Locations: Try outdoor idiots

i DO listen more to people who don’t know how to pluralize properly…

example #3:
Primary Use:
I don’t understand this program and can’t find anything on it.
It’s difficuct to use and not very security conscious.
Can’t get on the Web.
Suggestions: Make it easier to understand

it’s true – clicking on the link that says “web browser” IS challenging…

example #4:
Suggestions: i don’t like the people who look at porn beside me. it really bothers me.
Suggested Locations: how about in the boys bathroom so the pervs can use it for porn there

now THAT one brings up a whole other question for another post…

example #5:
Primary Use: Hey this is Teri I am cool I live in a cardboard box I love Elmo We are a couple


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