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14 Apr 04

lightbulbs require work boots

as part of john orr tower’s continuous-improvements-in-the-making series, there was a note stuck to my door two days ago indicating that workers would be coming into my apartment to change my lightbulbs to “energy efficent” ones. now, keep in mind, in the last few months i’ve had people changing my electrical panel, drilling holes in my wall, adding new fire alarm equipment, etc. – all pretty reasonable, even if having to clean out my closets for hole drilling pissed me off at the time. but light bulbs?

so anyway, i came home last night and flipped my light switch on. nothing. so i flipped it on and off a couple times and the light magically appeared after a couple seconds. perhaps that’s how it conserves energy? the real bonus, however, was the mud tracked all through my apartment. nothing like a bathroom floor covered in mud to make me happy.

sigh, and they took away my old light bulbs. i’d grown attached to them.

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