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11 Apr 04

belated links

i know i’m a bit late in posting these, but i wanna share their enjoyment: is one of the weirdest ads i’ve ever seen…but also possibly my favourite. is a logic puzzle, chinese-style. the rules: get everyone across the river. only the adults can drive the raft. the mother can’t be left alone with the boy children without the father’s presence, and vice versa. the thief can’t be with anyone without the policeman’s presence. enjoy the disturbing animations along the way.

anyway, i’m currently in pdot. dinner #1 avec my mom is complete, dinner #2 chez dad is this evening. free food = good.

7 Responses to “belated links”

  1. 1
    anne... Says:

    i think that’s the creepiest ad i’ve ever seen! i thought it was creepy enough before i knew it was a burger king ad, but now… gaaah!!! also, the chicken is wearing a garter! who wants their chicken THAT way?!?! freaks.

  2. 2
    pramoch Says:

    tell me please,how to cross river,i can not

  3. 3
    josh Says:

    I was almost there but gave in and found this here

    1. police & crook
    2. police
    3. police and boy
    4. police and crook
    5. father and boy
    6. father
    7. mother and father
    8. mother
    9. police & crook
    10. father
    11. mother and father
    12. mother
    13. mother and daughter
    14. police and crook
    15. police and daughter
    16. police
    17. police and crook

  4. 4
    CatNinja Says:

    The solution above won’t work. There is a step missing how does the raft get back between steps 13 & 14?

  5. 5
    oyunbaz Says:

    hey dude, its working!!! between steps 13 & 14 you don’t have to anything else, just keep the track!

  6. 6
    manu Says:

    did it myself….
    the thing i had most problems with was that i kept discarding possibilities as wrong because they would result in a situation with the same distribution of people – only the raft would be on the other side of the river…
    steps 1 – 6 or something were totally clear – they were the only possible ones and this could be seen within 1 or two steps…

  7. 7
    pager Says:

    seriously, are you guys all idiots?

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