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05 Apr 04


last night was lederhosen lucil at the scherzo. i was looking forward to her show a lot after seeing her last year (when, incidentally, the description of a woman wearing lederhosen and fake braids talking in a german accent and singing pop songs by herself with a keyboard didn’t really grab me) – she’s funnier than words can do her justice, and plays some fun songs as well. last night wasn’t quite as good as the first time i saw her (less chatting between songs, and fewer prizes for the audience), but she entertained me nonetheless – especially with the surprise inclusion of a band of garden gnomes! you gotta be pretty good friends of lucil to dress up in a gnome beard, short pants and a tall gnome head.

the openers were beyond description really – a “band” called parka 3 who, judging from their website’s url, are a bunch of physics students from mcgill – and they look the part. they have an interesting make up – a couple keyboards, a xylophone (again!), a bass drum, several shakers and other percussive instruments……and a guy who stands there with his hands in his pockets and “sings”. i think i actually would have enjoyed them had it not been for the singer. their music is quirky and silly, but oh my god – where did they find that singer? i encourage you to go download the song music maker from their website so you can truly understand what i’m talking about. the worst part is, the keyboardist in the band can actually sing…gah. as it was, we spent most of the show laughing hysterically.

[edit: i’ve fixed the spelling of the title. thank you sofi.]

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    sofilicious knows how to spell, foo! Says:

    What exactly is “lucilicoius”? Sounds almost as painful as a ganglion…

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