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05 Apr 04

birth control: evil

here’s something odd:
as i type this, i’m currently setting up a couple labs for exams (locking them down, disabling internet access, etc.) fun stuff. about an hour ago, a couple of older women came into the lab to look around a bit – proctors who will be responsible for the site. they spent some time setting up their stuff in the offices, and they asked me to help them hang up some clocks because they couldn’t reach. no problem. after i went back to doing my stuff, i watched them violently rip down a poster from the wall – one that looked pretty much like this. odd, i thought, but i figured that maybe they thought it made the clock hard to see or something.

but no. when one woman went into the other room, the other came over to me and said “don’t you hang that poster back up while she is here…”
i looked at her quizzically and she continued, “it’s offensive to some.”
i said “it is? how so?”
and she whispered between her teeth “birth control”.

who knew that ITS’s major campaign from 3 years ago was so offensive? this is the first i’ve heard of it… quite frankly, i was more offended by this poster’s depiction of pirates.

3 Responses to “birth control: evil”

  1. 1
    robin Says:

    birth control?? wtf??

  2. 2
    anne... Says:

    if a person shows interest in protection of any kind (even against computer viruses), it implies agreement with all types of protection – seatbelts, hard hats, and yes… birth control. what?! makes perfect sense to me…

  3. 3
    sofi Says:

    I’m sorry I made you wear a radiation suit every time we had sex.

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