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28 Apr 04

stupid car

the note i’m hanging in my lobby:

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank whoever is responsible for the large white scrape that appeared on the rear of the driver’s side of my blue Cavalier over the weekend. It definitely adds character to my car.

If anyone would like to discuss this with me, I can be reached at


i’m at least hoping for some guilt. that is, if the person who hit me can speak english.

25 Apr 04

it feels extraordinary

oh, joel plaskett. by my count, i’ve now seen him live 13 times since he was about 18, in his thrush hermit days. i loved all of those shows when he was young, but wow, now that i take a step back, he’s SO much better now. don’t get me wrong here…thrush hermit was my favourite live band of all time, with crazy energy and unpredictability mixed with their fun songs, but joel, over the last couple years, has become a true front man who can tell entertaining stories between the performance of well-crafted pop/rock songs.

joel played the grad club on thursday night, and he did not disappoint – which is a relief since kristi drove all the way from pickering for the show, to make up for missing the sold out lee’s palace show the previous week. he was reunited once again with ian mcgettigan on bass (as he was during the shot show a few summers ago), and i’m pretty sure ian’s wore the same cap that he did back then. his set, as usual, consisted of a bunch of newer songs (work out fine, extraordinary, come on teacher, radio fly, mystery and crime), some slightly older ones (down at the khyber, maybe we should just go home, true patriot love, this is a message), and some trips down memory lane (the news of your son, before you leave, from the back of the film, north dakota and a country-ized version of violent dreams, with accoustic guitar). he also joked that his now trademark medley that he’s played for the last year or so would, by the year 2006, take up the entire set (it included some waylon jennings [oops, i think it was charlie pride], steve miller (bringing back memories of thrush hermit’s edgefest set from years back), outkast, thrush hermit, and others i can’t remember right now). they played for about 2 hours, and although it wasn’t quite as awe-inspiring as his november show, i definitely got my $12 worth.

oh, one other note: the opener was jason plumb of waltons fame. i hadn’t even
heard of the waltons since about 1993, so i was pretty surprised to see he was
still making music. i’m sorry to report, however, that 1993 music doesn’t really
translate into 2004. robin aptly described him as an open-mike singer. he DID
play colder than you though, which made me happy. OH, and during his set, we were graced with the presence of world idol winner kurt nilson. awesome.

and now i must leave for toronto for something very similar to a joel plaskett show – that’s right, mamma mia.

23 Apr 04

suggestions? i’ll give you suggestions

around campus, we have web terminals set up to allow students to quickly check email, etc. between classes. each of these kiosks also has a suggestion icon on the desktop to allow people to suggest improvements to the software environment, new locations for kiosks, etc. however, because there are a number of these kiosks about 20 feet from a campus pub, i often get bizarre submissions. case in point, last night at 1:45 am i received:

Useful?: No
Primary Use: emial
Suggestions: fuck queens, that is what i know in my heart

the words of someone who finished their final exam ever?

example #2:
Suggestions: Yea get some real computer you fucken cheap pussys.
Suggested Locations: Try outdoor idiots

i DO listen more to people who don’t know how to pluralize properly…

example #3:
Primary Use:
I don’t understand this program and can’t find anything on it.
It’s difficuct to use and not very security conscious.
Can’t get on the Web.
Suggestions: Make it easier to understand

it’s true – clicking on the link that says “web browser” IS challenging…

example #4:
Suggestions: i don’t like the people who look at porn beside me. it really bothers me.
Suggested Locations: how about in the boys bathroom so the pervs can use it for porn there

now THAT one brings up a whole other question for another post…

example #5:
Primary Use: Hey this is Teri I am cool I live in a cardboard box I love Elmo We are a couple


20 Apr 04

at john orr tower, we celebrate our rich cultural diversity

life in bobby orr tower in a nutshell:

19 Apr 04

cuff the duke…finally

on saturday night i finally got to catch a cuff the duke show. they’ve been here probably 7 or 8 times in the last year, and each time i’ve wanted to go but something’s always come up.

the good:

  • it was at the grad club which is always a fun venue so long as the crowd isn’t made up of idiots
  • the crowd wasn’t made up of idiots! i wasn’t annoyed at all for once! there were some pretty funny people there (for example, the 4 foot tall dancing machine – if by “machine” i mean “very very broken machine”), but that just added to the fun.
  • cuff the duke were solid, as i would expect them to be after having played a million live shows this year. woo!
  • they had a vibraphone! who DOESN’T like vibraphones? (note that i got the name correct this time, in part thanks to alan, and in part because cuff the duke pointed out that it was a vibraphone – “but i’m not quite sure how it’s different from a xylophone…”)
  • although i didn’t really give them my full attention, radical dudez weren’t half bad. they’ve played a bunch of shows over the last couple years too, so i guess they SHOULD have improved. cuff the duke made a pretty funny comment essentially complimenting the dudez: “there are a LOT of jam bands at universities in ontario, so we were kind of nervous when we heard a band called ‘the radical dudez’ were opening for us…uh…no offense…but they were really good”. funny.

the bad:

  • it was another fucking rock crew show, which meant 3 bands. now, i wouldn’t mind so much if it was 3 bands i cared about, but most rock crew shows i’ve been at this year followed this pattern: the headliners + some band they’re touring with (who usually suck but i can’t really complain about that) + some local band. examples: cuff the duke + kate maki + radical dudez, the dears + pilate + betablokka, weakerthans + carnations + fembots (yeah, i know they’re not local, but still). i wasn’t too upset about having to wait forever for CTD this time, because i had good company and a hockey game to half watch while waiting, but rock crew, if you’re reading this, stop being idiots.
  • i only knew 4 songs from the CTD set, ’cause they were trying out new material. i don’t know if this should really be in the “bad” list ’cause it was good stuff…but i’m disappointed i didn’t get to hear antisocial. they might’ve played it during they’re encore, but we ditched before then.

anyway, the good clearly outweighed the bad. fun is fun.

15 Apr 04

wiggum or bush?

so good:
wiggum or bush?

14 Apr 04

lightbulbs require work boots

as part of john orr tower’s continuous-improvements-in-the-making series, there was a note stuck to my door two days ago indicating that workers would be coming into my apartment to change my lightbulbs to “energy efficent” ones. now, keep in mind, in the last few months i’ve had people changing my electrical panel, drilling holes in my wall, adding new fire alarm equipment, etc. – all pretty reasonable, even if having to clean out my closets for hole drilling pissed me off at the time. but light bulbs?

so anyway, i came home last night and flipped my light switch on. nothing. so i flipped it on and off a couple times and the light magically appeared after a couple seconds. perhaps that’s how it conserves energy? the real bonus, however, was the mud tracked all through my apartment. nothing like a bathroom floor covered in mud to make me happy.

sigh, and they took away my old light bulbs. i’d grown attached to them.

11 Apr 04

belated links

i know i’m a bit late in posting these, but i wanna share their enjoyment: is one of the weirdest ads i’ve ever seen…but also possibly my favourite. is a logic puzzle, chinese-style. the rules: get everyone across the river. only the adults can drive the raft. the mother can’t be left alone with the boy children without the father’s presence, and vice versa. the thief can’t be with anyone without the policeman’s presence. enjoy the disturbing animations along the way.

anyway, i’m currently in pdot. dinner #1 avec my mom is complete, dinner #2 chez dad is this evening. free food = good.

09 Apr 04

i’m a hospitaller

this might be the best return address i’ve ever seen:

05 Apr 04


last night was lederhosen lucil at the scherzo. i was looking forward to her show a lot after seeing her last year (when, incidentally, the description of a woman wearing lederhosen and fake braids talking in a german accent and singing pop songs by herself with a keyboard didn’t really grab me) – she’s funnier than words can do her justice, and plays some fun songs as well. last night wasn’t quite as good as the first time i saw her (less chatting between songs, and fewer prizes for the audience), but she entertained me nonetheless – especially with the surprise inclusion of a band of garden gnomes! you gotta be pretty good friends of lucil to dress up in a gnome beard, short pants and a tall gnome head.

the openers were beyond description really – a “band” called parka 3 who, judging from their website’s url, are a bunch of physics students from mcgill – and they look the part. they have an interesting make up – a couple keyboards, a xylophone (again!), a bass drum, several shakers and other percussive instruments……and a guy who stands there with his hands in his pockets and “sings”. i think i actually would have enjoyed them had it not been for the singer. their music is quirky and silly, but oh my god – where did they find that singer? i encourage you to go download the song music maker from their website so you can truly understand what i’m talking about. the worst part is, the keyboardist in the band can actually sing…gah. as it was, we spent most of the show laughing hysterically.

[edit: i’ve fixed the spelling of the title. thank you sofi.]

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