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31 Mar 04

stupid kingston

it’s weird how when i get wrapped up in something like writing a piece of software to handle scheduling shifts at work, i completely forget about stuff like my blog and email. oops.

nothing’s new regardless, except that tim just got a new ipod (i’m still disappointed he wouldn’t let me have them engrave “tim page, esq.” on the back, but i’ll have to get over it i guess) and now i’m jealous.

you know, i was pretty irked last week when the city decided to start threatening to fine people who put up signs on posts in the ghetto. how am i supposed to find out about when bands are playing? today though, i noticed that bedouin soundclash had a brilliant idea – they stuck signs throughout the ghetto on sticks, kind of for sale sign-esque. i hope the ghetto soon becomes littered with signs like that – much better than post signs. i’m wondering if the city really thought that removing signs from posts would make the ghetto look respectable? or stop smelling like a cross between beer and skunks and urine?

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    Britney Says:

    weird, I have never really noticed the smell of the ghetto except when I am walking through it with you. I always figured it was your after-shave.

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