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16 Mar 04


i may as well post this, very belatedly:

on saturday night robin and i went to this term’s queen’s players show (courtesy of sofi’s connections). it may have been the most balanced players show i’ve been to yet – very funny (and dirty, shockingly) with a cast that could actually sing. highlights included: its characterizations of GW writers, a cameo by iagreewithjamie, telling the campus crusade to “take a pilgrimmage right up my ass!”, the very drunk and british mother of one of the cast members (who was informed at the end by another cast member that he would likely be her son in law someday), and pretty much everything jack and meg white did. the guy playing jack white also gets bonus points for wearing a unitard during his darkness song. anyway, there were probably many other funny moments that i just don’t remember…for some reason.

having said all this, i do have a complaint: there were rows and rows of empty chairs in clark, which is unheard of for a players show – especially one that was “sold out” like this one. in other words, more of my friends could have come along, but poor organization ruled this out. nicely done.

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  1. 1
    Someone who never wrote for GW. Ever. At all. Says:

    >highlights included: its characterizations of GW writers

    I believe it was the characterizations of *male* GW writers that the show poked fun of, seeing as how *female* GW writers are extremely socially EPT, as well as smoking hot and never at a loss for dates.

    This is a well known fact.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    they let women write for gw now? what’s the world coming to?

  3. 3
    robin Says:

    I went to player’s on Saturday?

  4. 4
    pager Says:

    best players ever!

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