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08 Mar 04

i can say stochansky

i’ve tried to write this blog entry twice now, only to be foiled by my laptop. it’s having spontaneous turning off issues these days.

anyway, friday night was the andy stochansky show at the grad club (where else?). i was looking forward to it quite a bit since i missed last year’s performance when i was in new york. andy and his band were solid and played more old songs than new which was nice. as usual though, this “review” is going to focus more on the idiots i encountered at the grad club. seriously, what is it about that venue that attracts the most obnoxious people ever? anyway, here’s some stupidity for your perusal:

  • ok. i’ll start with brendan. i did my undergrad with this guy, and i even sat in classes with him quite often. what happened to him? the first time i saw him that evening you were air guitaring to barlowe (the opening act), and from there it only got worse – pseudo dancing, stages-esque grinding and groping with his girlfriend, near falling on the ground. i understand that he’s a teacher in the real world now, and that that may have been his first night out in a long time…but no, there’s no excuse.
  • brendan was overshadowed nicely by the incredibly drunk fan who positioned himself directly in front of andy, possibly a foot or two away. i should’ve expected the worst when i noticed the cigarette behind his ear. he spent his evening yelling “ANNNNNNDY STOCHANNNNNNSKY” at the top of his lungs, as well as making siren noises and trying to carry on a dialog with the
    band between songs. i think his low point was during 22 steps (a quiet number with just andy and his guitar) during which he sang along so loudly that it drowned out andy. he found it funny at first but was clearly annoyed. this
    “fan” was eventually escorted out, and was referred to by andy at the end as “the really drunk guy in the front row who really got my adrenaline going”. it was embarassing and funny and awful all at once.
  • the blonde directly in front of us was very proficient at doing the elaine dance. she also was adept at spilling her beer, repeatedly tying her hair in a ponytail with strands of hair, only to have it fall out two seconds later. and the two fingered deafening whistle HAS to stop!
  • the girl who used to work at the grad club who i thought was a pretty good dancer (although it might’ve just been in relationship to elaine)…but anne pointed out that she kept doing the xena warrior princess call. argh!

there were others but that’s enough.

anyway, that’s a long enough post for one night. stay tuned for details of sunday’s salteens/sekiden extravaganza!

3 Responses to “i can say stochansky”

  1. 1
    anne Says:

    i cannot say stochansky. i refer to him as “andy s.”. i think it’s more personal that way.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    i find it funny that i pointed out the same annoying people as anne.

  3. 3
    anne Says:

    i also found it funny. so funny, in fact, that i commented on the similarities yesterday…

    actually, i guess it’s not THAT funny. i didn’t exactly keep my irritation to myself.

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