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31 Mar 04

stupid kingston

it’s weird how when i get wrapped up in something like writing a piece of software to handle scheduling shifts at work, i completely forget about stuff like my blog and email. oops.

nothing’s new regardless, except that tim just got a new ipod (i’m still disappointed he wouldn’t let me have them engrave “tim page, esq.” on the back, but i’ll have to get over it i guess) and now i’m jealous.

you know, i was pretty irked last week when the city decided to start threatening to fine people who put up signs on posts in the ghetto. how am i supposed to find out about when bands are playing? today though, i noticed that bedouin soundclash had a brilliant idea – they stuck signs throughout the ghetto on sticks, kind of for sale sign-esque. i hope the ghetto soon becomes littered with signs like that – much better than post signs. i’m wondering if the city really thought that removing signs from posts would make the ghetto look respectable? or stop smelling like a cross between beer and skunks and urine?

25 Mar 04

sarah harmer: she’s so dreamy

woo, i just got back from seeing my first sarah harmer show in quite a few years. she put on a good show, as expected, for the hometown crowd…and as a bonus her band consisted of mike o’neill (!) and maury lafoy from starling. robin was my date, and we sat in the very back row of the balcony…but even sitting that far away couldn’t hide sarah harmer’s hotness. she’s still unaware that i will eventually marry her (shh, don’t tell karen pegley).

oh, and the opener was nathan lawr…i hadn’t heard of him until recently, but he’s kinda folky and mellow. his band consisted of two guitars and an xylophone which was unique. what’s interesting about nathan is that, unbeknownst to me until a few minutes ago, he was/is the drummer for boy, the constantines, king cobb steelie (i saw them live back in 1993ish), royal city and the fembots. who knew?

25 Mar 04


i’ve been doing a lot of thinking about birthday presents this week, what with jo’s birthday being wednesday (happy birthday jo!) and my grandma’s being next week. as a result of this thinking, i’ve come to a conclusion about my own birthday present desires: i don’t want to receive ANYTHING that doesn’t contain the following label:

yes, i have chosen to wear only clothes that vaguely resemble cashmere. if you need assistance finding such clothes, please visit S&R’s “bargain corner”. oh, and if you work at S&R, i apologize for stealing the label off of one of your fine garments – i was half expecting the old woman who works in that section to take me down as i left the store.

24 Mar 04

someone loves my car!

so, when i got out of work today, i discovered something a bit unusual about my car:

that’s right. maggie and kelly (i presume) apparently REALLY love my car. it’s lucky and gets more attention than i do. also: my car isn’t exactly clean – i wouldn’t touch it with my HANDS. gross.

note that the front windshield was also similarly decorated, but i had to wipe it off to drive home (using the single napkin conveniently left under my windshield wiper for me).

22 Mar 04


congratulations to sofi for getting into concordia! woo!

22 Mar 04


this seems oddly appropriate, given my current job:

(courtesy of the cyborg name generator)

21 Mar 04

the chumptastic 2nd anniversary extravaganza

so, chumptastic’s been around for two years…i’m not really sure how this is possible. it’s been a pretty good year, including about 24987242 live bands, twice as many moronic things happening at work, and many many lovely times with my friends, mostly detailed in these pages. it’s also the year that a bunch of my friends decided to start blogs of their own.

by popular request, here’s my favourite post of the year – aka the only post that people have gone out of their way to tell me how much they liked (including people i don’t know), which tells me i should probably put more effort into my posts in general. oh, and watch for a new layout sometime soon.

thanks again for reading. here’s to another year of goodness for my friends and me.

note: you may prefer to view this post in all of its anniversary glory. also, this is the 600th post to chumptastic. interesting coincidence huh?

20 Mar 04

unseen power of the picket fence

charlie kaufman is a genius, and michel gondry’s no slouch either. i saw eternal sunshine of the spotless mind last night, and it confirmed it for me. it’s brilliant – one of those movies that i haven’t been able to stop thinking about since i got home from the theatre. so what are you waiting for? go see it. i have good taste.

19 Mar 04

mmm candy

hey, cool. someone whose computer i fixed at our walkin desk last week just brought in candies as a thank you. it was pretty nice of her (and unnecessary) but it made me think about how i kind of miss doing more first level interaction stuff. now i typically only get called when someone’s having trouble with a difficult problem and i often never get to actually talk to the person who’s having the problem. i guess it’s not that big of a deal, but hey, i could always use more candy.

17 Mar 04

i call high hosey on your lunch money

in case you missed this (and you likely did), tim hosey has enlightened me on the possible etymology of high hosey. thanks tim!

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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