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17 Feb 04

i’m ceasing and desisting

well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. in the same month that i pissed off rob page, i’ve also apparently caught the attention of city tv’s lawyers by posting those embarassing gord martineau clips.

so, it’s with a certain degree of pride (and perhaps fear) that i may announce my first ever cease and desist order! that’s right, one of CHUM limited’s lawyers emailed me today explaining that i’m a bad bad person…so of course i will share that letter with you (and also comply because really, i’m not an idiot):

page 1
page 2

so there you have it. chumptastic is officially mainstream. and really, you’re not much of a blog until you’ve been threatened with legal action, are you?

7 Responses to “i’m ceasing and desisting”

  1. 1
    el scotto Says:

    you’re a rebel robbie.

  2. 2
    Marco Pantani Says:

    no way rob, fight them. take the evil bastards to court! You have the money to beat a minor little corp like Chum. You should sue them for using a part of your websites name for their tv station!

  3. 3
    Alan Says:

    I don’t know whether you are right or wrong but your case would turn on the section 29.1 exclusions to copyright breach under the Copyright Act.

  4. 4
    pager Says:

    i think you should just ignore everything “marco” here says, alan. that’s what i do anyway.

    how’s that epo working out for you marco?

  5. 5
    Marco Pantani Says:

    Hey, if the swelling in my brain goes down, i probably won’t die of a heart attack anytime soon…opp’s too late…

  6. 6
    Guy Mars Says:

    Umm.. Marco

    I hate CHUM, but I will admit, they are a very big company.

  7. 7
    pager Says:

    guy mars: master of the obvious.

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