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10 Feb 04

it’s a soul shakedown party

it’s taken me a few days to get to this, but i caught the latest installment of the by divine right show on friday at the scherzo. now, let’s compare and contrast friday’s show with the first show i saw of theirs at the scherzo:

first scherzo show (spring 2002) most recent scherzo show (winter 2004)
crazy late start (>11:15) crazy late start (>11:15)
really shitty opening band (lounge act) beyond shitty opening band (beef) – they may have the worst song ever performed live
an encounter with jose in the men’s washroom, including a statement about his intense desire to use the sink an encounter with the guitarist/keyboardist/synchronizer player in the men’s washroom, including a statement about how bdr’s deal with the scherzo allowed him to piss in the sink
lots of melodic, poppy and fun new songs off of their then-new album, good morning beautiful lots of noisy, jammy new songs off their new album, sweet confusion
very drunk and high band very very very drunk and high band, to the point where jose’s only words the entire night were in spanish. oh, and the drummer apparently polished off a bottle of wine before the show.
jose and dylan wearing big parkas dylan wearing overalls that fell down midway through a song, revealing stylish long johns. oh, and a by divine right t-shirt. he was that guy. jose wearing a pink toque and pretty boots.
in the crowd was my future girlfriend, sarah harmer. we also caught her smoking up outside after the show. in the crowd was no one’s future boyfriend, kingston weather man/entertainment moron, bill hall, trying to look hip in his ckws jacket.
awful dancing people (including some women doing the elaine) crazy insane dancing people, and one really bad dancer who made elaine look good, who chose to only dance to the darkness between sets
insanely late finish (2:30) insanely late finish (2:20)

the friday show was a good time, and by divine right entertained as always, but really they served more as a musical backdrop to the freakshow we couldn’t help but focussing on. picture mohawks, asymetrical haircuts, crazy body odour, questionable genders, lots of oldoldold, and half the crowd who considered themselves friends of the band.

3 Responses to “it’s a soul shakedown party”

  1. 1
    Robin Says:

    Waitasec, Lounge Act was WAY worse than Beef!

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    maybe time has reduced their shittiness in my memory. i remember they were bad, but i really remember that beef is bad.

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    oh, and that was the 2nd nearly identical beef set i had to sit through in the last few months. boo.

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