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08 Feb 04 strikes back

OH MY GOD. ok, it was very cool when danny michel visited chumptastic, but now i’ve been visited by my arch nemesis who happens to share my name. a couple years ago when i was originally toying with registering my own domain name, i of course first thought of, mainly because of a lack of creativity on my part. much to my chagrine, i found that it was already registered – by some guy with questionable web design skills. i visited the site a few times between 2001 and 2002, and found that the pictures changed a few times, and a link to the bon jovi web ring appeared. i kept thinking to myself – what if someone looking for me comes across that site and thinks i’m somehow responsible? i considered using the link at the top of the page to offer to buy the domain from him, but i never did for some reason.

anyway, this morning i was perusing through comments left on chumptastic and discovered that, by using yahoo to search for “”, my name twin has found me. interestingly, i think that he’s the first person to ever find chumptastic by searching for something rob page-related – yay for an anonymous name (ironically, something that post linked to above talks about).

the comment he left was fitting – i would’ve expected nothing less. in fact, it’s the type of comment i would expect from my step-brother (again, someone the previously linked post discusses) if he were in any way techno saavy. oh, and one more thing – why are rob page and wife so orange? i do like the USA golf shirt though.

i guess he considers us friends now. perhaps i should add him to my christmas card list.

4 Responses to “ strikes back”

  1. 1
    Rob Page Says:

    Oh Robbie boy I am so sorry to have offended you with my lack of creativity with my web site. See the problem is some people have a life and can’t devote the time needed for such an amazing site like yours. With 4 kids, a wife, and all that comes with it…I just don’t have the time. That life also takes us out in the sun sometimes, helping to explain the “orange” look you discussed. Its called a tan. I’ll make sure not to hold my breath for that Christmas card.

  2. 2
    sevenzarkseven Says:

    eep. where on earth would you get a tan that makes you so orange? unless of course it’s a spray-on tan.

  3. 3
    el scotto Says:

    i actually didn’t write that one.

  4. 4
    pager Says:

    nope, i did a good job of pissing off the real rob page, no help necessary from you scotto.

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