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25 Jan 04

i am a bad bad blogger

christ, what have i been up to all week?


  • i watched spellbound. excellent. go watch it, now, if only for the kid who pretends to be a musical robot.
  • i watched better luck tomorrow. better luck tomorrow in choosing a movie, that is. zing! i thought it looked kinda cool because it was an all asian cast in an non-martial arts american movie. but yeah, avoid this one at all costs.
  • i gave my first ever $200 thousand budget proposal to the director this week. he liked and approved it, and complimented me on my work. woo.
  • i saw jason collett and the johnny james band at the grad club on friday. he put on a solid show, although was more reminiscent of matt barber than broken social scene in my estimation. still, the show was worth it to hear ocean of tears…not to mention watching/mocking the drunk people who were out in force.
  • spent much of the weekend hibernating. what the fuck is up with this winter?

so, yeah.

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Date: 1883

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