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15 Jan 04

best day ever

best 24 hours ever:

  • my internet went out last night at around 6:30. apparently cogeco was having “routing problems” that affected most of kingston. i think it came back around 9:30.
  • having my space heater, computer and tv all plugged in at once blew my first ever fuse. i’m pretty sure i bought some spares when i first moved in here a few years ago, but they’re no where to be found now. i also learned that my fuse box is completely unlabelled so i got to make a map by unplugging and plugging them. essentially what it came down to was that i couldn’t use my bathroom and kitchen simultaneously.
  • i woke up this morning extra early because i had a car appointment at 8. i went to have a shower and, for the first time ever in my building, there was no hot water – in fact, it was ice cold. no shower for me.
  • i got my car to the garage by 7:45 and waited for a ride into work. the courtesy car still hadn’t arrived by 8:20, so the woman called a cab for me. the car arrived before the cab did, of course, and i arrived at work at 8:50.
  • when i called the courtesy car to pick me up i specified that they meet me at the library at the university ave. entrance. apparently he didn’t get that message because he waited for me for a while on union. i saw him pull away, thus making me have to call them back. when i finally caught up with him, i ended up riding bitch in the back seat between an old woman who fell asleep and another old woman who smelled like onions and who was reading a small book about god that was heavily underlined.
  • on my way home from the garage, i stopped to pick up some fuses. i knew it was a 15 amp fuse that blew but i didn’t realize that there were multiple kinds of fuse that look similar. i examined my options, and discovered that i probably needed a type P, so that is what i bought. when i got home i examined the blown fuse and discovered that it had “type C” etched in the plastic. so, back i went and found only type P and type D. i asked the guy who clearly knew more about fuses than me and he told me that there is no such thing as type C. i showed him my fuse and he was mystified, and told me that the one i bought was right in the first place. i’m thinking that maybe that type C fuse has been there since bobby orr tower was built. anyway, that was a wasted trip. the fuse i bought first worked anyway.

and thus ends the best day ever.

ps. look at this site (geeky religous fun) and and ordery goodness) for fun and fitness.

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