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11 Jan 04

whoa, visited by a pseudo-celebrity

whoa, danny michel left a comment on chumptastic! the ip address checks out. how cool is that? that made my week.

i’ll have to mention more celebs more often…maybe i’ll catch more of them doing vanity searches.

anyway, it was a movie-filled weekend. last night was big fish, which i’ve been been excited to see for the last month or so. it was slightly bizarre, as expected from any tim burton movie, but i enjoyed it a lot. very fun. tonight was school of rock at dunning. also good, and made me wish i had jack black as a teacher for 3 weeks when i was ten.

anyway, tim burton or jack black, if you find this page, you done good.

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    pager Says:

    oh, and don’t miss george’s comment a few days ago:

    do you think that’s THE george?

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