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04 Jan 04

a christmas photographic odyssey

over the course of my vacation, i was lucky enough to record a number of events for posterity with my digital camera that i wanted to cherish forever. lucky for you, you get to share in the excitement. so, without further ado, here are my precious memories, in no pariticular order.

who will forget that time i was driving down the 401 behind the little red shaggin’ wagon?:

the funniest part about this was when i pulled up beside the freakshow, he was this middle aged guy who looked like he might have been mario and luigi’s cousin. oh, and yes, i felt safe taking that picture while driving. there’s a reason it’s barely in focus.

by the same token (and robin gets credit for noticing this), don’t you think sobey’s trucks look like they have subliminal messages in their logo?:

i mean, it clearly DOES say obey. and their slogan of “ready to serve” clinches it.

in a scarborough parking lot, i noticed this license plate:

it didn’t show up too clearly (thanks go to sofi for the stellar photograph), but note that a) the license plate is “VOYAJR”, b) the van is a voyager and c) the license plate has a star trek symbol on it. do you think they bought a voyager just because they wanted to be a part of the tv show and this was as close as they could come?

while eating lunch with my mom at a classy restaurant called marty moo’s in peterborough, i couldn’t help but laugh at the neon sign in their window:

first of all, there’s a company that MAKES signs that say chicken pot pie? second of all, that’s the best thing this cafeteria had to advertise? (yes, yes it was.) trivia: i’m 90% sure that spookey ruben once filmed a music video at that place in its former incarnation as an abandoned burger place.

my sister got her friend staci a classic christmas present, the big ball o’ population:

note that they’re all joined at the head, and their texture is absolutely gross. they feel as though they should stick if you threw them at a wall.

and finally, while in campbellford, the main road had dozens and dozens of artistic renderings, created entirely with christmas lights. the entire street was lit up with these works of art – the entire street, however, except campbellford’s main attraction, the giant two dollar coin. i finally tracked this mythical creation down, and it was too dark to get a good picture of it. here’s a grainy contrast-adjusted version if you care. that’s a big fucking coin.

so yeah, that was my christmas vacation. there were some presents and family/friend gatherings in there, but clearly i photographed the most important moments.

3 Responses to “a christmas photographic odyssey”

  1. 1
    sevenzarkseven Says:

    so yeah, staci’s present: it was called the bizarre ball of population. very odd.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    sorry. the big bizarre ball o’ population o’ goodness.

  3. 3
    staci Says:

    I had to hide the bizzare ball o’ population in my closet…it was giving me nightmares.

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