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03 Jan 04

what? my vacation is almost done?

my vacation is winding down, and that means it’s almost time to get back to a routine, which i’m dreading. the lack of postings over the past few weeks can be attributed to my lack of routine though, so presumably things should get back to normal.

so let’s recap my vacation, shall we?

first of all, the weeping tile show i mentioned forever ago now didn’t quite pan out. my company was too tired to accompany me, so i resigned myself to waiting another year. besides, i’m sure i’ll see sarah harmer around town, as usual.

christmas was pretty good. i wasn’t in p dot for too long this year, which meant i didn’t really have a chance to get too bored like normal. i enjoyed much turkey and pie and other christmas dinnery goodness, and received much loot. a quick list: cds (josh rouse, electric soft parade, wilco, flaming lips), dvds (roger and me, bowling for columbine, the tick live action series (note that article was just posted a couple years ago, by coincidence)), an all-in-one printer/scanner/photocopier, a bunch of beddingy stuff (a duvet, pillows, sheets, etc.), a george foreman grill, etc. yes, definitely spoiled. i also enjoyed quizzing my family on the history of popular music using the mp3s from my music class. i’m not sure if they had fun with that game, but i know i did. oh, and i won a game of 20th anniversary trivial pursuit, followed by a game of pop culture dvd trivial pursuit. all my useless knowledge really came in handy for once.

i had some low key days back in kingston between christmas and new years (although i did go back to peterborough for a day and a half for the aforementioned sympatico disaster, which i resolved successfully from afar, and to buy some rrsps courtesy of my dad – yes, i’m finally becoming responsible. sigh.) and don’t really have much to report about hanging out here. i enjoyed my lack of responsibility though. mmmm, doing nothing.

new years was fun this year, and consisted of dinner at the grizz (complete with a surprise fixed menu) that was pretty good, and much wine, muchmoremusic retro, fortune cookies, chocolate salty balls and revelry chez robin. it was low key and good.

finally, i went to see my life without me last night (featuring debbie harry!) at the screening room. it was pretty good, but the whole thing reminded me a lot of my friend nancy, so she’s been on my mind all day. i also finally finished reading hey nostadamus by douglas coupland, and it was excellent – better than his last few offerings. i strongly recommend it.

and now you’re pretty much up to date in my fabulously exciting life.

ps. check out my favouritest blog in the world, courtesy of sofi.

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