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30 Jan 04

shame shame

oh, gord martineau.

also, shame on:

don’t give them the satisfaction of visiting their site, but please spam/ping them all you like. they were persistent enough to add 200+ spam comments to chumptastic. stupids.

26 Jan 04

the ceeb

what’s up with cbc? the newsroom, rick mercer’s monday report (featuring daryn jones i might add), and kenny vs spenny? brilliant.

now, of course, the other two programs aren’t high art like kenny vs spenny, but they each shine in their own way. someone’s doing something right.

25 Jan 04

i am a bad bad blogger

christ, what have i been up to all week?


  • i watched spellbound. excellent. go watch it, now, if only for the kid who pretends to be a musical robot.
  • i watched better luck tomorrow. better luck tomorrow in choosing a movie, that is. zing! i thought it looked kinda cool because it was an all asian cast in an non-martial arts american movie. but yeah, avoid this one at all costs.
  • i gave my first ever $200 thousand budget proposal to the director this week. he liked and approved it, and complimented me on my work. woo.
  • i saw jason collett and the johnny james band at the grad club on friday. he put on a solid show, although was more reminiscent of matt barber than broken social scene in my estimation. still, the show was worth it to hear ocean of tears…not to mention watching/mocking the drunk people who were out in force.
  • spent much of the weekend hibernating. what the fuck is up with this winter?

so, yeah.

24 Jan 04

internet poetry is the best

i’d like to share my new favourite poem right now, without permission, courtesy of blackthorne:

Internet Muse
They say no one hears you cry on the internet,
but they are wrong.
Everyone hears you there;
a thousand shoulders extended for a million tears.
Let us leave now and go online.

brings a tear to my eye. can you hear it?

21 Jan 04

how to create a new identity

remember that scene in shawshank redemption where andy created a new person out of thin air? “a phantom. i conjured him.” etc.

well, i’m on my way to starting my own identity, so i too can escape to mexico someday.

step 1: acquire a credit card under an assumed name. i have chosen the pseudonym of robert g. puge. no one will ever guess it’s me.

step 2: have mail addressed to this pseudonym:

step 3: get some other paperwork. (this step is under development).

step 4: escape to places unknown, preferably while embezzling zillions!

20 Jan 04

the rap group that forever ruined my innocence

WHAT??? 2 live crew is at aj’s on february 24th? am in in grade 8 again?

20 Jan 04

take that, drivers ed

aha! i’ve been right to not spend my time re-learning to parallel park. cars will soon do it for me.

18 Jan 04

hockey pummelling

yesterday consisted of a day trip to peterborough, which is usually something i dread. yesterday was a fun day though. i spent my afternoon visiting with my uncle (as well as my aunt and cousin, but my uncle dominated my attention, as usual). my mommy made a lovely dinner, and then i went to watch scotto and tim’s hockey game.

the hockey game was much better than the last one i attended – they built a 6-0 lead after two periods and coasted after that. by my count, tim had a goal and an assist, and scott counted an assist as well – a solid game for the page boys.

the drive home was a bit of an adventure. it was snowing enough that, when a truck decided to switch lanes directly in front of me, i almost had to drive off the road to avoid him. i guess looking before switching is overrated when you’re driving the largest vehicle on the road.

15 Jan 04

best day ever

best 24 hours ever:

  • my internet went out last night at around 6:30. apparently cogeco was having “routing problems” that affected most of kingston. i think it came back around 9:30.
  • having my space heater, computer and tv all plugged in at once blew my first ever fuse. i’m pretty sure i bought some spares when i first moved in here a few years ago, but they’re no where to be found now. i also learned that my fuse box is completely unlabelled so i got to make a map by unplugging and plugging them. essentially what it came down to was that i couldn’t use my bathroom and kitchen simultaneously.
  • i woke up this morning extra early because i had a car appointment at 8. i went to have a shower and, for the first time ever in my building, there was no hot water – in fact, it was ice cold. no shower for me.
  • i got my car to the garage by 7:45 and waited for a ride into work. the courtesy car still hadn’t arrived by 8:20, so the woman called a cab for me. the car arrived before the cab did, of course, and i arrived at work at 8:50.
  • when i called the courtesy car to pick me up i specified that they meet me at the library at the university ave. entrance. apparently he didn’t get that message because he waited for me for a while on union. i saw him pull away, thus making me have to call them back. when i finally caught up with him, i ended up riding bitch in the back seat between an old woman who fell asleep and another old woman who smelled like onions and who was reading a small book about god that was heavily underlined.
  • on my way home from the garage, i stopped to pick up some fuses. i knew it was a 15 amp fuse that blew but i didn’t realize that there were multiple kinds of fuse that look similar. i examined my options, and discovered that i probably needed a type P, so that is what i bought. when i got home i examined the blown fuse and discovered that it had “type C” etched in the plastic. so, back i went and found only type P and type D. i asked the guy who clearly knew more about fuses than me and he told me that there is no such thing as type C. i showed him my fuse and he was mystified, and told me that the one i bought was right in the first place. i’m thinking that maybe that type C fuse has been there since bobby orr tower was built. anyway, that was a wasted trip. the fuse i bought first worked anyway.

and thus ends the best day ever.

ps. look at this site (geeky religous fun) and this site (law and ordery goodness) for fun and fitness.

14 Jan 04

fame! i’m gonna live for-eh-eh-vah!

some girl named sofi is suddenly appearing in chartattack’s music reviews section (and apparently is soon to be in the print edition of chart as well). insta-fame! (also note her inclusion in december 16th’s review section, which i forgot to mention previously).

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