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30 Dec 03

why sympatico just made my shit list

yeah yeah, long time no post. i’ll give a complete christmasy rundown next time, but for now i’ll detail my day.

i’m currently back in peterborough after a few days in kingston, relaxing and sleeping in my own bed. i promised my mom i’d come here today to set up her high speed sympatico connection that i arranged for a week ago. actually, let’s begin there.

a little over a week ago on a sunday i attempted to order an upgrade for my mom’s current dial-up connection, but discovered that bell doesn’t answer their phones on sundays. that’s fine – i went to the self-serve website. i can understand this given that we’re working on a similar service at work to provide 24/7 service while ideally saving money on staffing, blahblahblah. unfortunately, their webforms didn’t work. i clicked the order button and it gave a cryptic error. rather than giving up, i clicked on the “live help” button, which opened up a really shitty java chat window, and i spoke at length with natalie c about my difficulties. the first thing that crossed my mind was that they spent the money on staffing the live chat feature, so why not just let those people answer the phones? the process with natalie c took AGES because she was apparently a very slow typist, and i had to re-type in everything i’d already entered into the webforms. it would’ve gone much faster over the phone. anyway, at the end of this conversation, she told me that the connection would be ready today, and the equipment would arrive today. okay. fast forward to today.

so i made the drive this morning, figuring the sympatico set up would take me about 5 minutes. my mom’s hard drive is also slowly dying so i intended to reinstall windows once i had the highspeed connection, because downloading drivers over dial up is for chumps. i plugged everything in and the modem connection light didn’t turn on, so i called bell. they informed me that the connection wasn’t scheduled for activation until tomorrow at midnight. i have to be back in kingston tomorrow afternoon, so that doesn’t really work out so nicely for me. alas. to make a long story short, i spent much of my day installing windows and downloading stuff, and was very frustrated with the whole thing. i talked to a supervisor and suggested that he explain to natalie c how activation works, but he didn’t seem too interested in hearing it. regardless, it will hopefully be activated tomorrow morning before i leave so i can ensure things are running smoothly before heading back. on the bright side, at least she didn’t order cogeco

oh, and speaking of shit, check this out. it’s the shit.

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    Jo Says:

    You are still at the top of my shit list

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