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22 Dec 03

vacationy recap

oh holidays. i keep forgetting what day it is, and that’s the sign of a good and productive vacation. i think everyone i know has now officially left kingston, so it’s weird that i just got a work-related email – i mean, people are still doing work? shut the city down!

robin and i saw lord of the rings on thursday night, and it definitely lived up to expectations. it’s the first non-screening room movie i think i’ve EVER seen that was so long they didn’t show previews and commercials beforehand…and it certainly didn’t seem like 3+ hours. the ending was dragged out a bit, but at least they mercifully skimmed over the return to the shire. yawn.

i also headed to peterborough for a small weekend adventure to watch scotto and tim play hockey. their team didn’t show up (literally and figuratively) and it was a pretty ugly game – i think only their second loss all year. and to think of all of the other things i could have spend the $3 admission on… oh wait. also: wow, norwood arena is COLD. i was the only fan cheering for millbrook who stayed at rinkside on account of the freezing.

and tonight is the annual weeping tile reunion show at aj’s that i’ve missed for the past few years. i’m pretty excited about to finally catch it.

and now, back to my busy schedule.

3 Responses to “vacationy recap”

  1. 1
    Alan Says:

    Can you fill me in on the two opening acts Jay Harris and the Dave Hodge Experience? We’ll have to wear plumed hats one day:

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    sigh, i didn’t get to go so i’m oblivious.

  3. 3
    joe Says:


    Could you let me know when the next weeping tile reunion show in kingston is. i noticed you bragging about attending their 2003 xmas reunion show and I am looking for ticket info regarding the upcomming show.

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