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15 Dec 03


whoa, i’m on vacation. this has apparently also meant that i don’t post anymore. my apologies.

let’s recap some of the fun stuff that’s happened or that i’ve noticed over the last few days:

1. audioscrobbler has returned after a several month absence. wanna see what i’m listening too? have a look at my stats.

2. we got a ton of snow dumped on us yesterday, which made driving and parking interesting. they’re just now finally plowing the side parking lot, and there are a lot of people parked sideways like i was yesterday. one casualty of the snowfall was our poor stop sign:

i think this marks the 3972948274th time it’s been run over since i’ve lived here.

3. robin’s house had their annual christmas party. it was fun, even though it contained far too many mbasts per square foot.

4. only the queen’s foodbank dropoff box would contain shoes, an iron, a pot and a cutlery holder:

at least there’s a box of food-esque stuff in the back.

5. ah, janurary. my second favourite month, behind only smarch:

i swear, every single sign hung up in my lobby has had a typo. i guess the red underlines ms word produces aren’t eye-searingly bright enough for them.

6. this really isn’t a very good webpage: i thought the domain name was either a pharmaceutical company, or perhaps a lawfirm (bewell, dowell and associates). regardless, it’s hideous.

7. wha? my first dna sequencer? whoa. also, i like their description for the wabi:
Teddy Ruxpin goes wireless. Plug Wabi’s transmitter into a phone jack, call a designated toll-free number, and record a message. At selected intervals, the transmitter collects the data and sends it to the ursine bot’s receiver over a 900-MHz signal. The bear giggles when it gets a message, and your kid simply presses its badge to play the audio. “Hi, Billy! Mommy and Daddy don’t love you anymore. I’m in charge now, and things are going to change around this house, dammit!”

8. did i mention that i’m on vacation?

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