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11 Dec 03

hey look, stuff happened

after not doing much of anything for several days, yesterday was busy and good.

first of all, i took the day off, using the excuse that i wanted to study for my exam (more on that later). in reality, i just have a bunch of vacation days that i have to use up before the end of the year and yesterday seemed like as good a day as any. while i did do some studying, most of my day was spent sleeping in, listening to music, and playing playstation.

anyway, my exam: i kicked its ass. bad. so bad, in fact, that i have faith that my prof will change sexual preferences and marry me. i wrote an opus on the history of rap that i’m quite proud of, and was able to answer the listening example questions before even hearing the songs. all in all, a good sign.

after the exam was the much anticipated hot hot heat/french kicks/unicorns show. for the first time in ages i wasn’t dreading a 3 band bill – in fact, i was looking forward to seeing all three. the unicorns came on first and were much as scotto described them – poor stage presence (although they did a good job of insulting the crowd repeatedly), wearing pink capes and vests, with fantastic songs (including a kylie minogue cover – seriously, does everyone cover can’t get you out of my head or what?). they only had a half hour slot so i didn’t really get the full unicorns experience, but they did play a bunch of songs i knew, including jelly bones, so i was happy. it’s also fun to watch them switch instruments and play bass and keyboards at the same time.

after the unicorns came the french kicks. i only know 5 or 6 songs by them (and they only played one of them) but they were still really enjoyable. lots of keyboards, fun stage presence, and solid songs.

as for hot hot heat, i have a feeling that they play the same set night in, night out. they’ve been on tour for the better part of the last year, but they still managed to pull off an energetic and fun set. it only lasted an hour and ten minutes (just like they did when i saw them a year and a half ago) but they played most of make up the break down, as well as a hendrix cover (?), le le low, make up the break down, and a new song that was soso. the highlight of their set, however, was the unicorns drummer who sat at the side of the stage, dancing, drinking, taunting the HHH drummer, etc. they finally just gave him a noisemaker because he was pretty much part of the show anyway. oh, and just before HHH came on, a girl came up to me with cd in hand. i was standing next to the stage door, and she asked me if i would be able to get the band to sign the cd for them. my reply: “uh, me??” to which they said “oh, you don’t work here?” right. i look a LOT like a bouncer…

anyway, good day.

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