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09 Dec 03

holy mackerel, we’re famous!

i’m studying for an exam? what’s that all about?
well, that is, if you can call reading about zeppelin, public enemy and james brown studying…….

to add to my tally of movies seen lately, i saw sylvia with robin and jo on saturday. it was quite well done, although not exactly the feel good hit of the summer (as robin put it). and as a fun bonus, we went to ta-ke for dinner before hand (japanese/korean food) and the owner took our picture with a polaroid. as a result, our pretty faces now adorn the front window of ta-ke. famous!

One Response to “holy mackerel, we’re famous!”

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    Sofi Says:

    I checked out the window of the Ta-Ke on Front Street, hoping that the polaroid of you guys was in syndication. It is not.

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