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06 Dec 03

movie recap

over the last two nights i’ve gone to see two movies, and they couldn’t have been more different.

thursday night was dirty pretty things at the screening room. it’s the story of a couple of immigrants in london working at a hotel (among other places) essentially trying to survive. one of them attempts to fix an overflowing toilet only to discover it’s clogged with a human heart, and in the process uncovers many of the hotel’s dark secrets. you should see this movie. yes you. audrey tautou (or as i prefer to call her, amelie) plays a turkish woman who speaks english, which impressed me a lot, and the movie was directed by stephen frears of high fidelity fame (although i can’t imagine a more different movie).

last night was elf. i figured going in that it would either be death to watch, or hilarious – luckily it turned out to be the latter. my theory is that if you let will ferrell run around on screen for long enough, it’s bound to get funny…and i’m sure jon favreau‘s influence didn’t hurt. i also enjoyed the small roles of andy richter and kyle g – but i think i was the only one who appreciated them.

after elf i took kelly and maggie for another standard driving lesson. there were moments of terror on the main roads, but mostly they’re pretty solid drivers now. i can, however, relate to why my mom flinched so much when i was learning to drive…

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