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30 Dec 03

why sympatico just made my shit list

yeah yeah, long time no post. i’ll give a complete christmasy rundown next time, but for now i’ll detail my day.

i’m currently back in peterborough after a few days in kingston, relaxing and sleeping in my own bed. i promised my mom i’d come here today to set up her high speed sympatico connection that i arranged for a week ago. actually, let’s begin there.

a little over a week ago on a sunday i attempted to order an upgrade for my mom’s current dial-up connection, but discovered that bell doesn’t answer their phones on sundays. that’s fine – i went to the self-serve website. i can understand this given that we’re working on a similar service at work to provide 24/7 service while ideally saving money on staffing, blahblahblah. unfortunately, their webforms didn’t work. i clicked the order button and it gave a cryptic error. rather than giving up, i clicked on the “live help” button, which opened up a really shitty java chat window, and i spoke at length with natalie c about my difficulties. the first thing that crossed my mind was that they spent the money on staffing the live chat feature, so why not just let those people answer the phones? the process with natalie c took AGES because she was apparently a very slow typist, and i had to re-type in everything i’d already entered into the webforms. it would’ve gone much faster over the phone. anyway, at the end of this conversation, she told me that the connection would be ready today, and the equipment would arrive today. okay. fast forward to today.

so i made the drive this morning, figuring the sympatico set up would take me about 5 minutes. my mom’s hard drive is also slowly dying so i intended to reinstall windows once i had the highspeed connection, because downloading drivers over dial up is for chumps. i plugged everything in and the modem connection light didn’t turn on, so i called bell. they informed me that the connection wasn’t scheduled for activation until tomorrow at midnight. i have to be back in kingston tomorrow afternoon, so that doesn’t really work out so nicely for me. alas. to make a long story short, i spent much of my day installing windows and downloading stuff, and was very frustrated with the whole thing. i talked to a supervisor and suggested that he explain to natalie c how activation works, but he didn’t seem too interested in hearing it. regardless, it will hopefully be activated tomorrow morning before i leave so i can ensure things are running smoothly before heading back. on the bright side, at least she didn’t order cogeco

oh, and speaking of shit, check this out. it’s the shit.

22 Dec 03

vacationy recap

oh holidays. i keep forgetting what day it is, and that’s the sign of a good and productive vacation. i think everyone i know has now officially left kingston, so it’s weird that i just got a work-related email – i mean, people are still doing work? shut the city down!

robin and i saw lord of the rings on thursday night, and it definitely lived up to expectations. it’s the first non-screening room movie i think i’ve EVER seen that was so long they didn’t show previews and commercials beforehand…and it certainly didn’t seem like 3+ hours. the ending was dragged out a bit, but at least they mercifully skimmed over the return to the shire. yawn.

i also headed to peterborough for a small weekend adventure to watch scotto and tim play hockey. their team didn’t show up (literally and figuratively) and it was a pretty ugly game – i think only their second loss all year. and to think of all of the other things i could have spend the $3 admission on… oh wait. also: wow, norwood arena is COLD. i was the only fan cheering for millbrook who stayed at rinkside on account of the freezing.

and tonight is the annual weeping tile reunion show at aj’s that i’ve missed for the past few years. i’m pretty excited about to finally catch it.

and now, back to my busy schedule.

19 Dec 03


i just got an email from someone i went to highschool with saying that she wanted to pass my email address along to the people organizing our 10 year highschool reunion next year. 10 years. i’m freaking out a little.

17 Dec 03

rabid fans

do you think marissa marchant spends the $1000 she charges per cd to bribe people to make comments like the ones on my blog? so far this month, 136 people have arrived at chumptastic via google after searching for marissa marchant. this disturbed me, and made me laugh when i discovered that i was at the top of the 2nd page of results (although i’ve dropped slightly since then).

i wonder if there’s any link to my negative comments about her and the fact that almost 100 fewer people are visiting chumptastic per day than did in november? maybe she controls the interweb…

15 Dec 03


whoa, i’m on vacation. this has apparently also meant that i don’t post anymore. my apologies.

let’s recap some of the fun stuff that’s happened or that i’ve noticed over the last few days:

1. audioscrobbler has returned after a several month absence. wanna see what i’m listening too? have a look at my stats.

2. we got a ton of snow dumped on us yesterday, which made driving and parking interesting. they’re just now finally plowing the side parking lot, and there are a lot of people parked sideways like i was yesterday. one casualty of the snowfall was our poor stop sign:

i think this marks the 3972948274th time it’s been run over since i’ve lived here.

3. robin’s house had their annual christmas party. it was fun, even though it contained far too many mbasts per square foot.

4. only the queen’s foodbank dropoff box would contain shoes, an iron, a pot and a cutlery holder:

at least there’s a box of food-esque stuff in the back.

5. ah, janurary. my second favourite month, behind only smarch:

i swear, every single sign hung up in my lobby has had a typo. i guess the red underlines ms word produces aren’t eye-searingly bright enough for them.

6. this really isn’t a very good webpage: i thought the domain name was either a pharmaceutical company, or perhaps a lawfirm (bewell, dowell and associates). regardless, it’s hideous.

7. wha? my first dna sequencer? whoa. also, i like their description for the wabi:
Teddy Ruxpin goes wireless. Plug Wabi’s transmitter into a phone jack, call a designated toll-free number, and record a message. At selected intervals, the transmitter collects the data and sends it to the ursine bot’s receiver over a 900-MHz signal. The bear giggles when it gets a message, and your kid simply presses its badge to play the audio. “Hi, Billy! Mommy and Daddy don’t love you anymore. I’m in charge now, and things are going to change around this house, dammit!”

8. did i mention that i’m on vacation?

11 Dec 03

hey look, stuff happened

after not doing much of anything for several days, yesterday was busy and good.

first of all, i took the day off, using the excuse that i wanted to study for my exam (more on that later). in reality, i just have a bunch of vacation days that i have to use up before the end of the year and yesterday seemed like as good a day as any. while i did do some studying, most of my day was spent sleeping in, listening to music, and playing playstation.

anyway, my exam: i kicked its ass. bad. so bad, in fact, that i have faith that my prof will change sexual preferences and marry me. i wrote an opus on the history of rap that i’m quite proud of, and was able to answer the listening example questions before even hearing the songs. all in all, a good sign.

after the exam was the much anticipated hot hot heat/french kicks/unicorns show. for the first time in ages i wasn’t dreading a 3 band bill – in fact, i was looking forward to seeing all three. the unicorns came on first and were much as scotto described them – poor stage presence (although they did a good job of insulting the crowd repeatedly), wearing pink capes and vests, with fantastic songs (including a kylie minogue cover – seriously, does everyone cover can’t get you out of my head or what?). they only had a half hour slot so i didn’t really get the full unicorns experience, but they did play a bunch of songs i knew, including jelly bones, so i was happy. it’s also fun to watch them switch instruments and play bass and keyboards at the same time.

after the unicorns came the french kicks. i only know 5 or 6 songs by them (and they only played one of them) but they were still really enjoyable. lots of keyboards, fun stage presence, and solid songs.

as for hot hot heat, i have a feeling that they play the same set night in, night out. they’ve been on tour for the better part of the last year, but they still managed to pull off an energetic and fun set. it only lasted an hour and ten minutes (just like they did when i saw them a year and a half ago) but they played most of make up the break down, as well as a hendrix cover (?), le le low, make up the break down, and a new song that was soso. the highlight of their set, however, was the unicorns drummer who sat at the side of the stage, dancing, drinking, taunting the HHH drummer, etc. they finally just gave him a noisemaker because he was pretty much part of the show anyway. oh, and just before HHH came on, a girl came up to me with cd in hand. i was standing next to the stage door, and she asked me if i would be able to get the band to sign the cd for them. my reply: “uh, me??” to which they said “oh, you don’t work here?” right. i look a LOT like a bouncer…

anyway, good day.

09 Dec 03

holy mackerel, we’re famous!

i’m studying for an exam? what’s that all about?
well, that is, if you can call reading about zeppelin, public enemy and james brown studying…….

to add to my tally of movies seen lately, i saw sylvia with robin and jo on saturday. it was quite well done, although not exactly the feel good hit of the summer (as robin put it). and as a fun bonus, we went to ta-ke for dinner before hand (japanese/korean food) and the owner took our picture with a polaroid. as a result, our pretty faces now adorn the front window of ta-ke. famous!

06 Dec 03

movie recap

over the last two nights i’ve gone to see two movies, and they couldn’t have been more different.

thursday night was dirty pretty things at the screening room. it’s the story of a couple of immigrants in london working at a hotel (among other places) essentially trying to survive. one of them attempts to fix an overflowing toilet only to discover it’s clogged with a human heart, and in the process uncovers many of the hotel’s dark secrets. you should see this movie. yes you. audrey tautou (or as i prefer to call her, amelie) plays a turkish woman who speaks english, which impressed me a lot, and the movie was directed by stephen frears of high fidelity fame (although i can’t imagine a more different movie).

last night was elf. i figured going in that it would either be death to watch, or hilarious – luckily it turned out to be the latter. my theory is that if you let will ferrell run around on screen for long enough, it’s bound to get funny…and i’m sure jon favreau‘s influence didn’t hurt. i also enjoyed the small roles of andy richter and kyle g – but i think i was the only one who appreciated them.

after elf i took kelly and maggie for another standard driving lesson. there were moments of terror on the main roads, but mostly they’re pretty solid drivers now. i can, however, relate to why my mom flinched so much when i was learning to drive…

03 Dec 03

slooooooow week

remember the olden days when i had interesting stuff to say?
yeah, me either.

this week is no different. i’m struggling to figure out what to buy everyone for christmas, and it’s far more challenging than normal for some reason. and, uh, i should start to study for my exam that’s in a week. and that’s all that’s going on in my life right now, now that early week work crises have been resolved by yours truly.

finally, who knew that this posting would cause such a flurry of debate? and by such idiots?

02 Dec 03


i just saw a sign in jeffery hall reading:
queen’s gaming club
tonight in J-DUCT
same room as last time

i suppose that might stand for john deutsch university centre…uh…toboggan.

also: guess which club i couldn’t be bribed to join.

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