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17 Nov 03

previously known as “rough and tumble”…

ok, so i have stuff to post but i don’t feel like it right now.

instead, i will share with you a picture that robin and i took way back in the summer and i subsequently forgot about:

oh peterborough. how i miss you.

14 Nov 03

photos are back

Blogs are the almost sole domain of the self-absorbed and emotionally immature. i have no idea what that guy is talking about.

in other news, all of my pictures in my gallery inexplicably disappeared over the past few days. i’ve restored them from backup, in case you were looking for my halloween goodness.

13 Nov 03

here’s the funny you requested

funny and horrifying.

12 Nov 03

i don’t so much agree with jamie

aaarrrrghhhhh. so far this month, 23 people have searched for “iagreewithjamie” and have ended up on my webpage. i don’t know why i’m so obsessed/repulsed by the whole thing. i guess i don’t like advertising one’s religion at the best of times, let alone plastering the campus with literally hundreds of posters. and i refuse to link to him again.

it started out as funny to me, and the more i see the full-page ads and the signs in every single building on campus, the less funny it seems to get. on my way to kelly and maggie’s last week i saw an iagreewithjamie lawn sign and i thought for a minute it was on their lawn – eep. as it turns out, it was their neighbours, and since then i’ve seen several of them. i even saw a girl wearing an iagreeiwthjamie toque this afternoon.

what all this tells me is that the whole thing is being orchestrated by a guy with deep pockets – and i have to wonder if jamie’s speeches will involve passing a very large hat around or something. or perhaps there will be some brainwashing involved, and everyone who attends will end up in a compound in verona.

12 Nov 03

rob the metalhead

tonight’s class dealt with the history of heavy metal. i don’t consider myself a metalhead by any means (although my mullet would suggest otherwise); however, i do have an appreciation for classic sabbath and zeppelin and the like. the class began there, and went down hill when we reached the late 70s with van halen et al. eddie van halen is a hell of a guitarist, but watching them live put me to sleep. yawn. anyway, the point of all this was what might have been the highlight of the course so far – when we got to metallica. we didn’t really talk about speed/thrash in depth, but she did play metallica’s battery as a sample – and she conducted to it. you’d have to see it to appreciate it, but conducting to (or just counting the measures of) battery is insane. the class actually applauded when she finished. it may have been a high point of the class.

11 Nov 03

the fda is onto me

wow, another weird comment has made its way onto my blog today. perhaps he’s trying to say that the FDA will soon be taking a strong stand against purple jesuseseses? regardless, thanks for your contribution, peter.

anyway, kristi was telling me a story on the weekend about a bar that used to be in peterborough that would let you drink until you peed for a flat rate. kind of fun in theory huh? that is, until people started peeing in the corner. ew. yeah, so that bar apparently isn’t around anymore. i’m sure kris can enlighten us as to the details of this failed venture.

10 Nov 03

blockbuster movie vs screening room movie

i enjoy it when the crowd actually boos at the end of a movie. that’s exactly what happened at the end of the matrix revolutions when i saw it on friday night – and it was warranted. for a movie called “the matrix” there was surprisingly little matrix included. the best comparison i’ve heard was courtesy of jay pinkerton: If the first Matrix was Star Wars, Revolutions is Episode II. so true, complete with the cheesy dialogue and forced romance. i’m not going to say i hated the whole movie, but it was a big disappointment.

on saturday night, however, i went to see a movie called american splendor which was very well done. it’s the story of a comic book author who worked as a file clerk during the day. what’s interesting about this movie is that it’s about a real guy, so they interspersed clips of the actor portraying him with the real harvey pekar – and made harvey the narrator for the movie. it’s quite funny and bizarre and sad, all rolled together. i can’t imagine many people will see this movie though, which is a shame. perhaps it’s because it doesn’t involve enough bullet time.

06 Nov 03


1. what the fuck is with all of the “do you agree with jamie?” posters and ads all over campus – including in my lobby? apparently they’re supposed to draw you to now, i make no claims to be an amazing web designer, but yeah. i think it could use a little work.

2. in the last month i’ve received pamphlets in the mail with the following titles:

  • exit gracefully… it is the best thing you can do for yourself, your spouse and your family (for gordon f. tompkins funeral home)
  • where there’s a will… there’s a way to protect your family (for a free will kit offer from glenhaven memorial gardens)

now, i recognize that i’ve just turned 28, but i didn’t think i was quite THAT old.

05 Nov 03

i wish i’d dined with michel foucault in paris, 1961

i got a notice in the mail today from kingston from city council hopeful dave clarke. it began with the line “dear neighbor” – yes, spelled the american way. i think i’ve stricken him off my list.

so anyway, the much-anticipated weakerthans show was last night. i’m not sure when they got so wildly popular, but they sold out the elixir…it was crazy packed. fembots opened the bill and weren’t overly thrilling – countryish and laid back. i didn’t dislike them (i enjoyed some of their songs) but i’ll admit i didn’t give them my full attention. the carnations, however, were fun and upbeat and gooood, just like when i saw them a little over a year ago with starling. the only song i knew was jamaican islands (what? no scream and yell on their set list? how can that be?) but they held my interest. also: i swear joel plaskett’s brother is their guitarist.

as for the weakerthans…woo. they played a good mix of old and new, and they led off their set with songs like aside and our retired explorer to make sure everyone who wasn’t paying attention did. at one point during their set i looked to my right and noticed that sarah harmer was there with luther wright. i was excited, as i was any time i have a harmer-spotting, but it got better – she went up on stage and sang benediction with john. sooooo good. i think the weakerthans were even more excited than me. anyway, if there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s get your weakerthans ticket in advance – right maggie?

04 Nov 03

comment counter issues

okay, so this is a boring post that everyone should ignore EXCEPT:
a) me, in a couple months when i upgrade movable type again OR
b) anyone else who’s having trouble with their comment counters not incrementing.

to fix it: edit lib/ and comment out
next unless $fmgr->content_is_updated($index, \$html);
for some reason it won’t rebuilt unless it seems that the content is changed, and it never seems to notice that comments do indeed change the content.

and that is all.

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